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What Is Real Estate API & Why You Should Adopt Zillow API?

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Home-ownership is the universal indicator of success and wealth. It provides both a solid and secure source of housing and a long-term investment. However, property prices vary greatly between nations and localities. It requires a huge investment and a lot of research to buy the right property at an ideal location.

According to stats, Hong Kong SAR was the most expensive city for buying property as of 2020, with the typical residential property costing more than 1.25 million US dollars. And one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world is Singapore.

To get an idea of these location-wise fluctuations in the market, data is used essentially. Today, big data analysis allows for reliable decision-making in real-time, comparative market analysis, risk assessment, property evaluation, and identifying market patterns.

Real Estate And Need For Data

Real estate is an evolving business industry with a huge pressure to unlock big data to make evidence-based approaches. Real estate businesses have always made decisions based on their market knowledge, industry experiences, and historical patterns. But the time has changed and everything has gone data-driven.

By analyzing real-time data, real estate corporations, investors, and developers can see a clear picture of great prospects and accurately estimate risks. Property evaluations are done by realtors to decide the price of their homes, and house buyers and investors use them to make bids. They are used by financial firms to compute loans and minimize losses. When it comes to real estate decisions and planning, data analytics can assist decrease risk for buyers.

Zillow Api

Use Of Data Extraction API In The Real Estate Sector

Real-time information about the real estate industry is essential for anyone who is involved in the respective market. Real estate APIs will help businesses decrease their daily workload by automating data extraction operations while also ensuring that the data flow is up-to-date and current. They also provide a chance for tech-savvy real estate companies to rely on current technological capabilities and trends.

Using Real Estate APIs, it is possible to obtain real-time data from top real estate websites like Zillow. In fact, you can use Zillow API specifically to collect high-quality data from Zillow and make evaluations.

What is an API?

First, we’ll introduce you to the term API. Application Programming Interface (API) acts as a point of exchange between an application and data produced by another application. It sends property information from a third-party source to a website or application. Developers code to the API rather than the MLS database, resulting in a consistent, efficient transmission of information from one point to another every time.

What is a Real Estate API?

Real estate APIs are interfaces for obtaining real-time data from real estate websites, like; as property listings, rentals, local real estate agencies, and even information about registered sellers. One can use a real estate API to get fast, secure access to accurate, up-to-date, location-wise data of websites that deal in properties.

Data-driven businesses are not only 23 times more likely to attract consumers, but they are also six times more likely to retain customers and 19 times more likely to be profitable, according to Mckinsey Global Institute.

API is the most efficient and reliable way of retrieving data. Many popular real estate websites have an API to provide information to third-party applications and users. Like Zillow API, which allows users to collect data from the Zillow platform for free. Zillow API is free for the users and helps them create powerful property platforms. Along with Zillow API, you can choose other APIs too to collect relevant real-estate data.

Some Of The Popular Real Estate APIs Are:

  Zillow Api

1. Zillow API

Zillow is the largest real estate platform, with millions of for-sale and rental property listings across the United States. With the Zillow API, you can have access to all of their publicly available data and display it in real-time. This Zillow API is free and has a very astounding reach. It offers data on 7,000 areas and 150 cities in the United States, including demographic information, geographic status, property prices, property history, amenities and so on.

A pre-built Zillow listings API comprises a massive number of relevant features that help extract data on residential and commercial properties across the United States. Users can also access pricing for hundreds of thousands of previously sold units on Zillow, providing an objective view of how values are generated in certain places. Furthermore, this realtor API enables examining the pricing change dynamics in terms of a single item over time.

2. ATTOM property API

ATTOM is a famous provider of commercial and residential real estate data in the United States. And one of our most popular data distribution options is its real estate API. The ATTOM Property API gives comprehensive property insight into a real estate listing by utilizing ATTOM’s property data, which includes mortgage, tax, deed, foreclosure data, and area data including information related to crime, school, and community, gathered for almost 155 million residences in the United States.

Users can access data to acquire insights into broader housing market patterns. The ATTOM API supports JSON and XML formats while adhering to the REST protocol.

3. Mashvisor API

If you want to learn more about prices for both long-term and short-term rental homes, the Mashvisor API is a wonderful place to start. It offers comprehensive and summary real estate data, in-depth property performance analysis, and up-to-date calculated performance indicators for cities, zip codes, and communities across the United States. Data is delivered directly to your data pipeline in the format of your choice making it easier to understand and process data for analysis, strategy development, and decision-making.

4. Estated API

One of the most trusted real estate APIs in the market is the Estated Data API. Estated provides real estate data on over 140 million commercial and residential property listings, containing over 150 distinct data points, ranging from property deeds and amenities to historical and ownership information and everything in between. You must use the API to query numerous datasets depending on certain parameters.

For instance, you can extract data in JSON format if you ask, “Show me a house with a garden, with sales and owner records between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet in Las Vegas.” It is an easy-to-use technology making data extraction efficient and easy for the users. All you need to do is put keywords to get quick access to property data.

5. Realtors Property Resource API

Realtors Property Resource is an advanced real estate data resource that provides information on the whole residential real estate market. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) manages it as a benefit to its members. It offers data on zoning, permits, mortgages, liens, communities and schools, and foreclosures, in addition to millions of property listings.

The Realtors Property Resource solely serves MLS organizations with data. It provides a freeware real estate listings API that gives you access to a massive database of real estate items and their owners scattered across the United States. It is worth noting that the Realtors Property Resource API implements requests using XML and SOAP.

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Why Adopt Zillow API?

In order to drive analysis for the growth of the real estate business, there is a need for valuable data collected from popular real estate platforms. A rising proportion of real estate deals rely on data analysis. From quicker, more accurate evaluations to sophisticated projections, the application of analytics will lead to better property investment decisions.

Big data helps businesses as well as individuals to collect actionable market insights, evaluate properties as per their locations, minimize unknown risks associated with a property, target prospective properties, improve strategies, make accurate predictions and provide personalized services. Zillow is one of the top real estate sites offering millions of for-sale and rental listings. Many people associated with the real estate sector are dependent upon Zillow for data.

Benefits Of Using Zillow API

Zillow API is a service provided by Zillow that allows pre-approved licensees to obtain data on residential real estate and mortgages. One-third of industry experts believe that the correct data extraction and analysis tools are critical for a deeper understanding of customers. Using the Zillow listings API, a real estate business can transform member sites into micro real estate portals by providing fresh and intriguing real estate and mortgage information to keep visitors returning. Here are more reasons to use Zillow API according to the experts.

  Zillow Api

1. Property Price And Value Estimation

Traditional ways of estimating the values of properties might be risky. Depending on intuition rather than strong logic is a big NO in the real estate world. However, data-based analysis can create a strong model for assessing property valuations. The data helps the business or individual know about the value of a property based on market factors such as amenities, ease of accessibility, selling price in a certain geographic location, demand and list of properties sold from a group of properties for sale, geographic conditions, population growth and decline, and so on. But how are the property prices estimated?

The median active listing price in March 2022 was $405,000, marking an 8% rise over the median active listing price in the same month the prior year.

After evaluating data, users can track property prices and estimate the value of houses. Data collection from Zillow is the best way to make property estimations and valuations. Zillow is one of the best sources for collecting property data. Using Zillow API users can extract massive data and make an accurate real estate valuation. Integrate Zillow API free with your data scraping process and make smart, risk-free, and accurate estimations.

2. Free access

The Zillow API is completely free and reliable for users. When you have access to the free Zillow listings API, you can save your capital to a great extent. There is no need for developing a data scraper or running coders for extracting large real estate data when you have free Zillow API. It can be used effectively to decrease operational or technical expenses. It eradicates the requirement of establishing an expensive data scraping infrastructure in a business.

The Zillow API is made up of many application program interfaces for getting various forms of Zillow Data, which is organized in general by the type of data being obtained and included, without restriction. If you are approved by Zillow to use the Zillow API and subject to its Terms of Use, you can access its data, implement it on your website(s), and distribute it to consumers for personal use.

3. High User Trust

Knowing the value of data 91% of businesses already believe that data-driven decision-making is vital for business success.

We all know how important it is to make decisions based on data rather than intuition and without quality data, it’s not possible. Get Zillow’s approval, use the Zillow API free for personal use and become a data-driven real estate business. Zillow is a renowned platform with more than 70% of all searches dealing with real estate. The platform has captured the trust of end-users. So, when it offered a Zillow API, users without any hesitation started implementing it in their data collection processes and collected valuable data to make smart decisions. It is a trust-worthy data API used by real estate businesses worldwide.

4. Understand Users

With a huge collection of real estate data collected through Zillow API, businesses can better understand users. With API, it is possible to get reviews of property, property value, nearby restaurants, public places, entertainment & theme parks, accessibility, lifestyle-related information, amenities, etc. Such vast data helps you understand market needs and desires better. All the information collected from Zillow using Zillow API can be used to improve customer experience, make better decisions, monitor market demands, and achieve competitive advantage.

5. Ease of Use

The new Zillow API transforms member sites into mini real estate portals by providing fresh and interesting real estate information. In just a few easy steps, users can collect real estate data from Zillow using the Zillow listings API. If you don’t have much tech experience, you can simply use Zillow API and get access to high-quality, valuable data in a predefined format. Just create a free Zillow account and get a Zillow Web Services ID (ZWSID) to make API calls. It offers users a Web-based user interface for their personal usage.

APISCRAPY For Custom Real Estate API

If you don’t want to use Zillow API and want your own data API to collect real estate data from multiple platforms, then connect with APISCRAPY. The company offers a wide range of pre-built and custom data collection tools with high functionality and the power of Artificial Intelligence. Get AI-augmented real estate data collection tool for your business from Zillow and successfully extract high-quality data from the internet promptly. APISCRAPY is making the collection of well-formatted data in large quantities effortless. Visit the official website of APISCRAPY to understand more about its products and services.


According to digital real estate industry research, an estimated 93% of house purchasers utilize the internet. In addition, at least 44% of US-based real estate purchasers use the internet to research possible properties for sale.

So, most of the prospective property buyers are on the internet, specifically on Zillow. So, if you want to make decisions that will lead to a successful business, you must collect data from Zillow. The data can also be integrated with your real estate business system or software. Real estate decisions are no longer guided by intuitions, experiences, and impressions. Data is a significant way of making risk-free and precise real estate decisions. Using a Zillow API, real estate businesses can become more agile in collecting high-quality data. Zillow API enables these companies, developers, and investors to precisely analyze risks and uncover great possibilities.

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