For the last 10 years with
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Watch Our Video Testimonials!

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Apiscrapy really turned things around for me! Dealing with supply chain challenges was a breeze as they crafted solutions that just made sense. The teamwork? Spot-on! It felt like pure brilliance in action.


Director, Analytics

Thank you for providing data engineers and taking care of end-to-end data management. We are happy to work together.

Christian Anderson


Our preferred partner for data for the last 4+ years. We have been working together on variety of data solutions and our experience is great..

Jose Palma

Executive President

Our special requirements and very complex orders always been implemented to our complete satisfaction.
AIMLEAP can handle everything from rudimentary scraping to Complex big data projects.

APO Bank

An excellent pool of data engineers on-demand helped us. Professionals with pro-active management team is appreciable

Lynsey D

VP – Talent Acquisition

We are now feeding data to 5 companies listed in Forbes AI 50 – 2021

Forbes AI 50

Success partner for supplying on-demand data for the last 4+ years

Master Card

Testimonial Three E

10 years
700 Happy Clients
& Growing

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