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Are You Unlocking Full Potential Of Free Zillow Scraper?

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The real estate industry was one of the first non-tech businesses to build its presence on the internet. Even before Google, dial-up consumers were eagerly checking out property listings, despite the low-quality photographs and poor speeds.

More than half of all house buyers today locate their property on the internet.

It’s easy to see why real estate listings on Internet have surpassed yard signs, window displays, and newspaper advertising. The simplest property listings having high-quality images, accurate maps, floor plans, amenities, accessibility, and other information, give a website good public attention. And all of this has been taken up by Zillow which enables buyers and sellers to buy and list properties.

You can take this attention by having your own platform like Zillow. Today, building a real estate application with all the data related to the properties is a smart business idea. Along with that data is fundamental for everything including market research, decision making, competitor monitoring, etc. But this emphasis on the digital transformation of a real estate business necessitates the vast amounts of data that exists within the digital world.

The good news is that the challenges of harnessing valuable real estate data have been resolved. Zillow offers valuable data for real estate professionals and businesses to inform decision-making. The growing popularity of Zillow has piqued the interest of real estate businesses to collect its data for their use.

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 Free Zillow Scraper

Choosing a Free Zillow Scraper For Data Scraping

The real estate industry is one of the most active industries, with data scraping playing a significant role not only for real estate business owners and agents but also for normal customers. Zillow is one of the most famous digital real estate marketplaces where users can search millions of for-sale and rental properties listed, compare Zestimate® property prices, and interact with the experts on the site.

In a year, Zillow applications and websites receive over 9 billion visitors. It accounts for 29% of all real estate internet traffic.

Zillow is a trustworthy real estate data source for its audience, therefore scraping it would be a smart idea. Using a free Zillow scraper, businesses can collect relevant Zillow real estate data within the shortest time possible. To make the most out of the Zillow crawler, you must know its full potential i.e. the benefits it offers and the use cases of the Zillow scraper for business purposes.

Benefits Of Free Zillow Scraper

In this data-driven business world, every number and statistic offers an opportunity to gain insights into the core of the industry. Data scraping empowers businesses with quality data that can be analyzed and integrated quickly. The real estate industry, which relies on up-to-date data necessitates the need for a free Zillow scraper to extract quality data from a massive real-estate platform called Zillow. From reducing daily workload to delivering structured data, the Zillow crawler helps businesses obtain the advantage of its technological capabilities. Let’s apply a smart data scraper to collect Zillow real estate data and obtain its benefits.

  Free Zillow Scraper

1. Automated Data Collection

Multitasking and task switching cost businesses 40% of their productivity.

Don’t you think it’s a loss for a company? Automating tedious and repetitive tasks like data scraping has helped many businesses to work more efficiently and effectively. The data collection process optimized through an advanced tool saves time by boosting visibility and centralizing tasks. Automation that comes with a free Zillow scraper might not give you the liberty to sleep during working hours, but it handles most of the data scraping work so that you can focus on other core tasks. With automation, you get convenience and efficiency in the Zillow real estate data extraction process.

2. Provides Scalability

Do you think you can collect data as per your growing data requirements? Many of you will say “No.” The possible reason for not being able to achieve scalability in data scraping is that you are either collecting data manually or using an outdated tool. So, it’s better to use a free Zillow scraper to extract large-scale data at any time. A smart Zillow crawler can increase or decrease its performance in response to changes in users’ data requirements. It also deals with and manages a wide range of data types, including cloud data, text documents, photos and videos, spreadsheets, and email archives.

3. Extract Real-Time Data

What’s more important – Understanding what happened in the industry last year or understanding what’s happening right now? Both can give you essential information related to the real estate industry, and you can use it to improve your end-user experience, produce better services, or streamline your company procedures. But nothing is more important than knowing what’s going around your business industry currently. So, it is essential to capture and act on real-time information. Using the free Zillow scraper, it becomes easier to collect Zillow real estate data in real-time or near real-time which in turn ensures that your database is always updated.

4. Ease of Access

Only 0.5% of the world’s population understands how to code, implying that 99.5% are unable to write codes.

But it doesn’t mean real estate business owners or start-up planners who can’t code will not get access to quality data. There are many pre-built free Zillow scrapers that are simple to set up and have a friendly GUI. A user doesn’t need to write a single line of code to scrape data using a Zillow crawler. With it simple User Interface, features, and navigation, data scraping has become extremely easy for everyone with no knowledge of coding.

5. Cost-effective

An automated data scraper has the power to collect Zillow real estate data in a large amount, which you can never expect with a human doing it manually. So, the need of hiring data scraping experts and establishing an infrastructure with expensive devices put to an end.

Automation technology, according to 57% of IT leaders, saves departments between 10 and 50% on expenditures formerly associated with manual processes.

Once you integrate a free Zillow scraper with your business system, overhead costs are automatically reduced. Since the scraper is free, there is no need to pay extra for the development, implementation, or maintenance of the tool.

6. Easy Integration

The free Zillow scraper can easily integrate with your existing systems and database, which makes your overall process of data collection and management easy to handle and maintain. Simply download the Zillow crawler and start using it without the need for expert assistance. It is as easy as downloading an application on your smartphone and using it.

7. Clean And Well Formatted Data

The amount of data that we are generating regularly is staggering.

And up to 90% of the data is classified as unstructured data.

A standard column-row database or spreadsheet, such as a Microsoft Excel table, cannot readily store unstructured data. As a result, it’s more difficult to analyze, and it’s not easily searchable. Today, however, businesses have access to advanced free Zillow scrapers that are created specifically to deliver clean and well-formatted data to the end-user. The advanced mechanism cleanses the data by removing duplicates and dead chunks and delivers structured data that can be analyzed and stored easily.

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Use Cases Of Zillow Data Scraping

Zillow real estate data is collected for multiple purposes. Traditional approaches to collecting data have gone a long time to age. Today’s businesses that seek success and growth make use of automated Zillow crawlers to extract quality data in large quantities. There are many areas where data scraping is used in a real estate business, which include the following:

  Free Zillow Scraper

Forecasting Real Estate Markets

New or old, all businesses are using data for forecasting markets. Forecasting is fundamental in real estate, where data works as evidence while decision making. From the rental rates of a property to the development and population growth in the area, everything can be predicted using data. Data collected using a free Zillow scraper helps obtain information on the desirability of a location, area’s overall health and stability, growth patterns and traffic patterns in the area, population growth, demographics, etc.

Competition Monitoring

Real estate analytics has changed how property sellers, buyers, and agents monitor the market. Data can yield insights into the activities that your competitors are doing. By setting a Zillow crawler up, it becomes completely effortless to collect competitor information and monitor their recent sales, marketing efforts, customer base, etc. Collect real-time data using a free Zillow scraper and defeat your competition in the real estate world.

Product and Service Development

Collect data with a free Zillow scraper and make use of it to develop a digital product or service. Data gives the right estimation of the market and its requirements. Users can use it to build products and services as per the requirements of the audience and the latest market trends. Scraped data is also used to integrate with business applications and software.

Real Estate Agent Information

By scraping with Zillow, businesses can get more data about real estate managers. The platform holds massive data of real estate agents working independently or for a company. Using a free Zillow scraper, one can build a massive database of real estate agents and use it for different purposes.

Keep track of Property Values

Deciding the value of a property is required for a number of purposes, including sales listing, financing, investment research, insurance, and taxation. However, the most common use of real estate valuation is deciding the asking or purchase price of a property. The careful collecting of data is essential for an accurate property value. Zillow real estate data scraping helps users collect data to track the value of various properties.

Investment Decision-Making

You liked a property, and its location and got tied up emotionally, but emotional or “gut feeling” investment can also lead to overpaying for a property because you believed that it is unique and has high potential. In order to avoid such traps, businesses make data-driven decisions. Using data is an excellent approach to smart real estate investment.

By scraping Zillow using a free Zillow scraper, investors can extract accurate data and collect experiential, qualitative, and applicable data evidence. Data helps investors in making sound decisions as opposed to depending on obsolete or incomplete data

Evaluate Rental Income

Rental income revenue is something everyone desires before investing in real estate properties. Extracting rental data from Zillow helps realtors to recognize whether their chosen property has the optimum rental incomes as per the location, prices, and amenities or not. Both buyers and sellers can make use of quality data extracted from Zillow to capture the rental information of a property.

Home Buyer Sentiment Analysis

Real Estate businesses with the aim to grow can measure customers’ sentiments by collecting house buyer reviews and rankings from Zillow. They can get details about neighborhood requirements (e.g. schools, malls, hospitals, colleges, and other facilities), the most valuable characteristics of a property (e.g. size, floors, rooms, parking space, directions), and reasons for relocating to or from specific places (e.g. safety and crime rates). This information can assist homeowners and real estate brokers in better understanding current client needs and expectations, as well as optimizing advertising methods.


Since big data is transforming the face of the real estate industry, more and more businesses in this particular industry are implementing data-driven decision-making to multiply profits, improve customer experience and mitigate market risks. In turn, automated web scraping enables real estate businesses to extract quality real-time data in the most efficient manner.

Developing a web scraping tool in your spare time sounds like a good idea, but there are a lot of factors to consider, all of which will eat up a lot of development time. So, it’s better to choose a pre-built, free Zillow scraper from a trusted source. It not just saves your time and money, but also reduces your hassle and stress.

Once you unlock the true potential of a free Zillow scraper, it can help you extract data in large quantities and use it in different ways, from conducting a thorough and detailed market analysis to making the right projections and decisions. To find the best Zillow crawler that can assist you to collect real-time Zillow real estate data in large quantities, visit the official website of APISCRAPY.

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