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Top 7 Free Website Crawlers To Watch In 2022

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It’s common to get amazed to see food delivery apps like Zomato or UberEats suggesting what you want to eat on a specific day, keep a check on your food cravings and know your food choices and cheat-day plans.

With rising expectations of end customers and increased market competition, companies are bringing unique goods and customer-oriented services so that they can set themselves apart in the business landscape.

Are you a little hasty? Perhaps. It will be fascinating to watch how it works.

I think most of you have already guessed it: Data Analytics. From Nintendo to Netflix, all the giants in the world are using data analytics to build a better end-user experience.

From marketing efforts to life-saving medicines, from big brand names to obscure research firms, the only limit to data analytics is your imagination. Data analytics is clearly not simply the newest hot fad; it is vital to modern enterprises. Data analytics is a discipline that is here to stay.

Your company might not be as big as Zomato or Netflix, but you have expectations to grow like them and capture the attention of the mass audience. With this expectation and anticipation of expanding online, you definitely need access to superior quality data relevant to your business requirements.

  Free Site Crawler

How To Gain Access To Data?

The technique of indexing data on online sites using a tool or automated script is known as web crawling. Businesses deploy a free site crawler to their data scraping operations to extract data insights. It automates the site crawling and data scraping process for business.

According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the global web scraper software market will reach USD 948.60 million by 2026, growing at a 13.1 percent CAGR (assessment period).

A site crawler searches the WWW (World Wide Web). Its main function is to index web pages on the Internet. Web crawlers, spiders, spider bots, and crawlers are all names for automated scripts or tools that traverse the internet. It is capable of detecting broken links, duplicate content, and missing page titles, as well as identifying serious SEO concerns. Scraping web data would help your company in a variety of ways.

The best free site crawler can crawl data from any website URL. These apps are getting popular day by day, helping users improve the structure of their website so that search engines can understand it and rank it higher. A higher ranking is directly proportional to business success.

Top 7 Free Site Crawlers To Watch In 2022

  Free Site Crawler


  • APISCRAPY is a trusted company offering scalable free site crawler and web scraping software that converts any web data into a data API to be used immediately.
  • It claims to provide the best free website crawler that can extract data from websites, portals, and social media platforms, process it, automate workflows, and integrate ready-to-use data into databases, as well as provide data in any format.
  • After inputting the target URL, it can assist in detecting data on the website that you want to scrape.
  • Non-coders can use the data scraper on Windows/Mac devices.
  • Tables, texts, figures, pictures, and URLs can be scraped for mass download.
  • APISCRAPY makes data scraping and crawling effortless with its friendly and feature-rich data crawler.

2. Spinn3r

  • Spinn3r is a unique free site crawler that allows the user to speedily extract content from blogs, news, and social media sites.
  • It includes a super-fast API that handles approx 95% of the indexing task.
  • This free site crawler has advanced spam prevention filters for detecting spam and incorrect language usage and boosting data security and accuracy.
  • The best free website crawler is constantly scouring the web for updates from many sources in order to provide the user with real-time data.
  • With a user-friendly GUI, it allows the user to parse websites and manage data proficiently.
  • Spinn3r is available for free download and enables code-free data extraction.

3. Apache Nutch

  • Apache Nutch is a free site crawler popular for being open-source.
    It employs NTLM protocol for authentication.
  • It is an adaptable data crawler that allows the users to collect data in a scalable manner.
  • The mapping is accomplished using XPath and Namespaces.
  • It has a distributed file system (via Hadoop).
  • Many data analysts and scientists, application developers, researchers, SEO specialists, and web text mining experts use this best free website crawler for its rich features, easy-to-use GUI, and smooth functionality.

4. Visual Scraper

  • VisualScraper is a fantastic, totally free site crawler that supports non-code data extraction from web sources.
  • It comes with a straightforward point-and-click user interface making web crawling extremely easy.
  • VisualScraper also offers web scraping services such as data dissemination and software extractor construction in addition to SaaS.
  • Using this site crawler, users can schedule their data scraping projects.
  • It delivers 100% accurate data even if the user scrapes news sites, web portals, and social media posts.
  • Real-time data is saved in CSV, XML, JSON, or SQL format.

5. Scrapy

  • Scrapy is an online scraping framework for building Python-powered free site crawlers.
  • Users only need to write the rules for data extraction and the tool will handle the rest.
  • Because it is developed in this manner, it is simple to add new features without altering the core.
  • It is the best free website crawler that runs on Linux, Windows, MacOS X, and BSD platforms.
  • Its library gives programmers a ready-to-use structure for configuring a web crawler and retrieving large amounts of data from the web.
  • Using this tool, build an advanced free site crawler online and make data extraction affordable.

6. Cyotek Webcopy

  • Cyotek Webcopy is a free site crawler that allows you to quickly scan a website and download data to your local device automatically.
  • You can extract data by choosing a part of a website.
  • No matter how complex a website is to crawl, this best free website crawler extracts photos, videos, text, files, and so on without extra effort.
  • By crawling sites, it delivers data in a machine-readable format.
  • Use this free site crawler online and collect content to your local device automatically.

7. Common Crawl

  • For anyone who wants to gain useful insights using data, Common Crawl is the right tool.
  • This free site crawler extracts real-time data without letting the user face any kind of inconvenience or delay.
  • It’s a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on donations to keep its operations running properly.
  • The Common Crawl corpus can be utilized for teaching, research, and analysis.
  • This best free website crawler can be used by teachers to effectively teach data analysis.
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5 Companies To Look Out For In 2022 For Data Scraping Services

Don’t want to use a free site crawler? You should rather choose a trusted company for data scraping services. Outsourcing data scraping services reduces unwanted expenses and stress from your head. Here are the top 5 companies that you can choose for affordable, quality, and on-time data scraping services.

  Free Site Crawler


APISCRAPY is a trusted company that offers a free site crawler as well as professional data scraping solutions to customers. It provides access to clean, valuable data that can be used for driving a business forward. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, APISCRAPY offers quality data within a stipulated time and budget. Their expertise in large-scale distributed web crawling, combined with best-in-class technology, makes them the most reliable, and cost-effective data extraction solution provider in the global market.

2. ScrapeHero

Get fully-managed enterprise-grade web scraping services within your budget from ScrapeHero. Converting the websites into structured data, ScrapeHero builds a robust database for businesses. From data scraping to structuring to cleaning, ScrapeHero does everything to reduce all the hassles associated with the web crawling process. They make major efforts in automation, scalability, and process efficiency, allowing them to give outstanding service to their consumers at no additional expense.

3. Datamam

Within many years of experience, Datamam has become a trusted name for world-class data scraping services. The service provider has a professional team and access to cutting-edge technology to deliver data scraping solutions as per the specific needs of customers. First, the experts understand the requirements of the customers precisely and then begin working on the development of specific custom data scrapers.

4. BotScraper

BotScraper delivers professional scraping services using innovative technology and an outstanding approach. They have experts who make the use of advanced tools to dive deep into the internet to locate every piece of data and transform it into valuable information so that the customer can make smart decisions. In comparison to other online scraping services, BotScraper’s web scraping services are distinctive, reliable, inexpensive, and rapid. For risk-free, rapid, affordable, and accurate data extraction and web scraping services tailored to your specific business requirements, choose BotScraper.

5. CrawlNow

CrawlNow offers data-driven enterprises of all sizes cloud-based, bespoke web scraping solutions. Using their expertise with large-scale distributed web crawling and best-in-class technology they offer the most reliable, scalable, and cost-effective data extraction solutions. As a trusted data scraping partner, CrawlNow handles everything from data extraction to setting up and managing web crawlers, as well as ensuring data quality and on-time delivery.


From healthcare to entertainment, the sciences to financial services, data is and will be used. So, either make the use of the right technology for quality data extraction or give the responsibility of data collection to an expert service provider. From the names of the best free website crawler to the trusted data scraping solution providers, we have mentioned all the details to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Boosting your online presence or gaining market insights is not a challenge anymore. A cutting-edge, free site crawler can help you become more understanding of your business and its market base. Delivering high-quality, well-structured data, a web crawler makes your business decisions more precise. Integrate it with your business system and get continuous delivery of large-scale data without having any big workforce.

A free web crawler is used by SEO professionals, researchers, analysts and, businesses to copy data from different websites. Users can also use it to automate tasks like link checking and HTML code validation. Crawlers can be used to gather certain sorts of information from Web pages, such as e-mail addresses.

By choosing data scraping services, from data scraper implementation to data cleaning and everything in between, you will reduce all the hassles associated with data collection and management. APISCRAPY is the ideal choice for businesses that demand quick access to high-quality data for research and analysis within their budget and stipulated time.

AIMLEAP Automation Practice

APISCRAPY is a scalable data scraping (web & app) and automation platform that converts any data into ready-to-use data API. The platform is capable to extract data from websites, process data, automate workflows and integrate ready to consume data into database or deliver data in any desired format. APISCRAPY practice provides capabilities that help create highly personalized digital experiences, products and services. Our RPA solutions help customers with insights from data for decision-making, improve operations efficiencies and reduce costs. To learn more, visit us

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