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Price Scraping: The What, The How, And The Why.

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Appropriate product price determination is crucial for every manufacturer since it secures the business – profitability and increases the customer base. If you charge too much, you will scare potential clients. If you choose cheaper pricing, your turnover and earnings will suffer. So, how to price a product or service appropriately?

One standard pricing approach adopted by organizations across all industries is competitive pricing. Pricing your products and services after analyzing your competitors is not only an excellent place to start, but it can also assist in distinguishing your brand while safeguarding your market share. However, developing the best price plan takes hard work and research. You can scrape price data from diverse web sources, especially eCommerce stores, to keep tabs on your competitors’ to continuously decide the correct pricing of your products and services correctly and stay relevant.

Price data scraping is one of the many elements influencing a business decision-making. Price scraping is the practice of gathering prices of different products and services from internet resources using web scrapers, either with or without permission. Price scraping is used by businesses, such as travel, retail, and eCommerce, that employ dynamic pricing models to alter their prices and attract the consumers of their competitors.

What Is A Competitive Pricing Analysis?

According to the latest study, more than 80% of shoppers check the offers of several retailers in order to get a better deal.

Retailers who can gather and evaluate market data, map their position against competitors, and provide competitive prices are the first to grab these shoppers’ attention.

Competitive pricing is a technique that assists companies in predicting systematic price changes and attracting more customers by optimizing prices using their competitors’ products and pricing data.

Competitive pricing is an integral part of every business. Being able to scrape price data allows you to monitor and analyze your competition in real-time throughout the world wide web. The analysis comprises a thorough examination and evaluation of data in relation to the pricing of products and services determined by your competitors.

But above all, retailers prefer price scraping to improve their market-driven strategy.


  1. Increase their profit margins by altering their product and service pricing at the appropriate time and in the right location.
  2. Increased sales equal increased revenue.
  3. Maintain a competitive market position.
  4. Improve cost management by negotiating with suppliers using competitor prices or examining overhead and manufacturing costs.
  5. Create efficient pricing strategies, particularly during sensitive times like season-end sales or holiday seasons.

Using a price scraping tool, one can effectively scrape price data for competitor pricing analysis. An advanced website scraper can efficiently extract high-quality data from web sources without requiring users to write lengthy codes.

What Is a Price Scraping Tool or Price Scraper?

Price data scraping is the technique of deploying bots to collect relevant pricing information from numerous sites. Competitors can target one or more websites and gather price information using freely available technologies and data scraping tools such as price scrapers. Competitors can then extensively evaluate and undercut their competitors’ pricing strategies. The advanced scraper or data scraping tool can automate this process to the point where the website automatically displays the best price of a product or service based on price comparisons from other sites.

When you use a price scraper, you can scrape price information from web sources in a well-formatted file without writing complicated codes. If you operate an eCommerce store, you regularly and urgently want price-related information from your competitors’ websites. Even if it’s challenging to obtain such information on your own, APISCRAPY’s powerful technique to scrape price data can help you obtain it easily. You can rapidly and regularly collect data points like prices from any website, whether it is Amazon, eBay, or any other. You can scrape the price-related data on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, depending on your preference, using a cutting-edge website scraper.

How Does a Scraping Tool Scrape Price?

Price data scraping is done with the help of RPA bots or tools which work continuously to automate the process. There are broadly two steps involved when you scrape price:

  1. Targeting a competitor’s website: The bot is set up to request access to the target website at regular intervals (every minute, hour, etc.), track website activity, and keep an eye on pricing data changes.
  2. Data extraction: Once the bot has gained access to the website, it will extract essential data from it and enter it into spreadsheets or databases for further research.

Price Scraping in the eCommerce Sector

eCommerce was a disruptive force in the global economy even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Its growth and development depends on the customers.

There are 7.9 million online merchants (also known as retailers) worldwide selling different products at different prices.

Most of them are selling similar products, causing an increase in competition. It could be clothes, supplements, shoes, accessories, sportswear, cosmetics, etc. So, being in an eCommerce business, one will need market and price information to defeat the competition.

Pricing intelligence will tell you what price to set for a product in order to enhance its sale as well as your income. Many sites, like Amazon, provide APIs to extract data. If you wish to achieve price intelligence, you can integrate Amazon price API with your business app or software and scrape price data uninterruptedly.

The next stage, following price data scraping and extraction, is price matching. It allows for the complete automation of the pricing process. Every eCommerce portal will have slight variations in the product details, including the product name and brand name. Thus, a robust matching system is also necessary here.

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Why Must Businesses Choose Price Scraping?

There are a lot of factors that you consider while creating a product. The process of deciding on the pricing of a product will be influenced by these factors. What role does competitor price analysis play in the process, then? It is essential to price your products and services at the best prices because pricing is one of the critical purchasing criteria. There is no denying that people are drawn to products with low prices.

You will comprehend what we’re talking about if you put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. So, a deep understanding of your market is essential, and for that, you need data that necessitates price scraping. There are many more reasons why businesses must scrape price data from web sources, and here are a few of them –

1. Easy Price Tracking and Discovery of Bargains

Let’s face it, most consumers are either price-sensitive or bargain seekers. Customers would always purchase goods from a website that provides them with the most value for their money.

90% of internet buyers claim to compare prices actively before making a purchase. 60% of consumers agree that price is the most critical factor when buying a product. And about 50% of shoppers only buy things that are on sale.

If you’re still debating whether price affects sales or profit, you’re already leaving money on the table. Act right away!

Track price sensitivity, assess aggressive price adjustments, and evaluate the transparency of such changes by pulling public pricing data from various sources using a price data scraping tool. When you scrape price data from web sources, you get information that helps you adjust your pricing to stay competitive in the market. You can track product prices decided by your competitors effortlessly.

2. Be A Real-time Competitor

Increased competition leads to more productivity and higher-quality goods and services. Companies improve their place in the market by satisfying customer preferences. Consumers profit from cheaper costs and a more comprehensive selection of goods and services due to the market’s steady growth.

Data scraping from competitors’ websites will give you a general sense of market values. You will undoubtedly miss out on sales and income if you are not informed about their prices. The digital environment is filled with real-time competitiveness. So, you need to stay informed to be someone else’s competition.

Scrape price of products from different websites using a data scraping tool and make intelligent decisions that will later help you build a robust online presence.

3. Develop Strategies Proactively

Strategies cannot be casually ideated in a few hours. They are often associated with hours of research and data analysis. A business strategy is a road map or plan that outlines your objectives and the activities or procedures required to attain them.

When you scrape price data from websites, you can see the constant changes and needs of consumers in the market. A price data scraping tool allows you to instantly access large-scale data in a predefined format that is easy to understand. With large-scale data at your fingertips, you can develop intelligent business strategies proactively.

If you are in the eCommerce business, use Amazon price API to access highly valuable Amazon data to collect the latest market information. Data on Amazon helps you decide the correct product prices and build smart business strategies.

4. Analytics & Forecasting

If you use data analytics to follow your customers’ shopping habits, you can learn how they shop, what products they have on their wishlists, and why they are not adding them to their cart. Unexpected fees added when a buyer adds an item to their shopping cart cause them to reconsider their purchase.

Some buyers will even add things to their shopping cart only to see the total amount. They are less inclined to buy the products when they discover the additional cost. collect data of these buyers and send them an email as soon as the prices of the things they’re interested in drop and make them rush to claim the discount.

According to a survey of consumers, 87% of consumers said knowing they received good bargains influences their choice of brand or store.

So, scrape price data using a website scraper and understand consumers’ shopping patterns. Data allows you to find competition margins and demand trends, among other things. Create historical data to understand future patterns and estimate future demand.

5. Personalizing Offers

Customers who get offers and recommendations that are personalized for them are more inclined to purchase from brands, according to 91% of consumers – Accenture.

Customers demand a high level of customization from businesses of all sizes. Personalization initiatives to establish relationships and deliver better experiences may reap significant returns for companies.

In a world where the great majority of businesses are focused on boosting personalization, companies that do not emphasize offering a personalized experience risk falling behind.

With price scraping, you can use analytics on data to gather specific information depending on the segmentation of customers. You can create unique and personalized product offers for target customers to increase sales.

6.Consumer Behaviour Analysis

The better you understand your client segment, the easier it will be to improve your operations to focus on your most profitable product and service categories.

When you have a deeper understanding of your client base, you can create unique customer journey maps for your most profitable customer categories and provide them with a more targeted and optimized-for-them experience.

Price scraping allows businesses to learn about their consumers’ purchasing habits and the prices they are willing to pay for specific items at specific times. This enables companies to adjust their pricing strategies following market demands.

Scrape price of products available on sites like Amazon and eBay using a smart data scraping tool and run a quick analysis of your consumer behavior. For scraping Amazon data, you can use Amazon price API for quick and effortless data scraping.

Is Price Scraping Illegal?

Scraping or crawling the web is not illegal. It is not explicitly prohibited by any law. Large corporations use online data scraping tools for their own benefit but do not want others to deploy bots against them. As a result, companies frequently cause obstacles to prevent their sites from being scraped by bots. Startups embrace pre-built data scraping tools because they are a low-cost and effective solution to collecting data.

When it comes to personal information, scraping can be tricky in some situations. You must be careful with the information gathered on identifiable people in California, the European Union, and other countries. The General Data Protection Regulation protects some personal data. You must follow local regulations and ensure that any information you collect and use doesn’t violate them.

Professional scrapers adhere to data privacy laws and only access data that is openly accessible. When you scrape price data using a professional, GDPR-compliant data scraping tool, it provides valuable data legally in a predefined format.

The Best Price Data Scraping Technology

You will know where or why your consumers are making purchasing decisions once you begin a customer behavior analysis; therefore, gathering price data from valuable web sources is critical to get all the crucial signals.

The important thing is to take data scraping seriously and give it time! Your company may undergo a revolution if you genuinely understand your clients, but this type of study takes time. You’ll be rewarded for your perseverance and hard work if you invest the necessary time, energy, and money in collecting price data.

If you are ready to scrape price data, choose an advanced AI-powered tool designed by APISCRAPY. We are a leading company offering the best price data scraping technology to extract vast price data from web sources like eBay, Amazon, MakeMyTrip, Skyscanner, etc. With a large base of satisfied customers, APISCRAPY has become a prominent name in the industry. Every tool and service is designed keeping customer requirements in mind.

AIMLEAP Automation Practice

APISCRAPY is a scalable data scraping (web & app) and automation platform that converts any data into ready-to-use data API. The platform is capable to extract data from websites, process data, automate workflows and integrate ready to consume data into database or deliver data in any desired format. APISCRAPY practice provides capabilities that help create highly personalized digital experiences, products and services. Our RPA solutions help customers with insights from data for decision-making, improve operations efficiencies and reduce costs. To learn more, visit us

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