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Why Scalable Free Web Scrapers Are Important For Amazon Sellers?

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What comes to your mind when we ask you to choose the best online platform to buy and sell products? Most of you will say Amazon. In the 25 years since its inception, Amazon has grown to become the world’s largest online retail store and the trailblazer of the eCommerce industry.

Every month, more than 197 million individuals across the world visit Amazon on their mobile devices.

That’s more than Russia’s total population.

Amazon’s share of the US eCommerce industry reached 49% in 2018. That amounts to 5% of total retail spending in the United States. This is higher than Amazon’s top three competitors combined, with eBay at 6.6 percent, Apple at 3.9 percent, and Walmart at 3.7 percent.

Along with buyers, we have seen an uptick in the number of people who want to sell on Amazon and improve their visibility in the marketplace. Businesses are building a good presence in the retail market by selling their products to potential customers through Amazon.

  Web Scraper For Amazon

Sell On Amazon Without Experience

With 100 million Prime members and research showing that more than half of all product searches begin on

It’s no surprise that so many small and mid-sized businesses are flocking to Amazon to expand their reach and hold the international market. Becoming a seller on Amazon is not very challenging. Based on what I am seeing, sellers that are taking a data-driven approach are poised to grow on Amazon

I’ve been selling products on Amazon since 2015 and as the CEO of an online retail business, I have one suggestion for the readers. To keep the momentum going, use data to make decisions. From deciding your products to targeting the potential audience, get the assistance of data for everything. If you have not yet explored the ways to grow your Amazon product-selling business, then this post is for you. We are going to discuss the right data scraping technology and how it is helpful for an Amazon seller.

Use Data To Become A Successful Seller On Amazon

From a data perspective, Amazon has tons of information related to buyers, sellers, product prices & reviews. A new seller can extract Amazon data of buyers, sellers, and the latest products, prices, and specifications along with others. Scraping Amazon is an ultimate way of pulling its vital data out to gain insights into how well seller competitors are doing, and what steps they are taking to improve the sale of their products.

Implement a scalable web scraper for Amazon in your business operations and extract quality data within the shortest time. A company that designs a web scraper for Amazon ensures that the tool is proficient to extract information like product prices, rank, ratings, reviews, product specification, category, ASIN, product name, model number, seller details, etc. By collecting this data, a seller can identify emerging as well as under-performing products, gain competitor intelligence, optimize prices and make benefit-driven decisions.

Reasons Why Is Web Scraper for Amazon Important For A Seller

When you choose a web scraper for Amazon, it must be scalable to handle data in large amounts quickly and continue to operate in the event of a breakdown. Furthermore, the web scraper for Amazon should fit the business’ specific sector demands. A scalable tool reduces complexities, enhances productivity, and accelerates process speed. Along with these benefits, there are many more reasons to choose a scalable Amazon price scraper. Let’s see the reasons why scalable web scrapers are important for Amazon sellers.

 Web Scraper For Amazon

1. Assess Your Competitors

You should be pro-analyzing your competitors’ activities and habits regularly, no matter if you’re just getting started, or you’re a well-established player in the eCommerce product selling business.

There are 9.7 million Amazon sellers worldwide, with 1.9 million of them actively selling.

Among all, thousands of more sellers are actively selling quality products the same as yours. Assessing them is crucial for sellers to improve their business. Using a scalable web scraper for Amazon data collection is critical for businesses selling on Amazon. It can help collect and monitor useful competitors’ data automatically. Integrating Amazon scraper, data can be efficiently collected for competitor pricing analysis, competitive pricing, and repricing, cost management, marketing planning, seasonality tracking, etc.

2. Extract Product Reviews

According to stats, 56% of online buyers write reviews because the product was excellent, 41% write because the product was unsatisfactory and 38% write because they want to help other buyers understand the relevant characteristics of products.

So, customers are sharing their experiences by writing reviews. By scraping those reviews in bulk using a scalable web scraper for Amazon, one can easily get an idea of customers’ opinions about a brand, its flaws, and strengths. Not just your competitors’ products, being an Amazon seller, you can scrape reviews of your products to make effective sales or marketing strategies. Sometimes, it can give a reason to stockpile more of the products or remove them altogether from Amazon. Overall, scraping bulk reviews as per your business requirements can benefit you as well as your competitors.

3. Collect Customer Data In Bulk

Amazon has a huge customer base, with each customer buying a significant number of products. In fact, every member of your family has an Amazon app on his/her smartphone. Your brother sitting next to you must be buying his favorite pair of shoes from Amazon. So, she is building data for Amazon, and such can be collected by you and your competitors to know her buying pattern. Although Amazon has strict rules for scraping customer information, a scalable web scraper for Amazon can help you collect it in big and small volumes according to your business needs. Collecting data, it becomes easier to observe the shopping patterns of people buying products from Amazon.

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4. Improve Your Product Ranking

Amazon has an unbelievable catalog of more than 12 million products.

So, making your products stand out is not that easy if you see this number. You need to improve your product ranking to make it appear different and easily discoverable to a wider audience base. Having a high product rating on Amazon may help you improve sales by allowing more prospective buyers to find your items when they search the site. Products that rank high will yield more sales compared to products that rank low.

Scraping Amazon product data using a scalable web scraper for Amazon helps Amazon sellers to understand product ranking and, in turn, create effective strategies to improve rankings. Employ a well-engineered web scraper for Amazon data scraping and attain data with high scalability without putting a lot of time into the development.

5. Analyze Prices

Another important factor that affects the sales of a product is the price. You are selling a product at a higher price as compared to your competitor sellers. It’s obvious that your potential customers will buy it from your competitor. This way you are losing sales and reducing ROI. So, what’s the solution for this? Well, price scraping through Amazon price scraper can help you a lot. By collecting price data in bulk, you can spot price trends, analyze your competitors, and most importantly, identify the best pricing strategy.

According to studies, 82% of online customers throughout the world take Amazon to check prices before making their purchase decisions.

If you are selling a product at a competitive price, online buyers might end up choosing it. Profits will rise as you make a strong pricing plan, and your business will become more competitive.

6. Make Savings Of Money

What if your data requirements increase with time? What if you have to code an Amazon scraper every time you scrape data as per your requirements? This already sounds challenging and expensive. You’d need to put a dedicated engineer in the process of building a data scraper. An entire team will be required to extract, structure, and cleanse data for analysis and research.

But one can eradicate all these expenses and hassles, by deploying a highly scalable web scraper for Amazon data collection. No matter how big or small your data needs are, the tool holds the ability to extract data as per your needs. You can make big savings using a scalable web scraper for Amazon.

7. Process Data In A Timely Fashion

There are times when company owners wish that a day was longer than 24 hours because they have so much to accomplish and never enough time. Particularly for solopreneurs and early-stage entrepreneurs who wear multiple hats in their businesses. So, it’s better to put redundant tasks like data scraping on autopilot mode using Amazon price scraper and process real-time data in a timely manner.

Gone are the days when businesses were copying and pasting data. It’s the era of automation and AI. Employing an AI-powered web scraper for Amazon data collection is an ideal way to achieve high accuracy, efficiency, and scalability. A smartly designed tool crawls thousands of Amazon pages in seconds and extracts structured data without any delay.


In a business growth strategy, every Amazon seller must include data collection. Data is a necessity to understand the market needs, analyze the latest product trends and monitor competitor activities. Using a scalable web scraper for Amazon, Amazon sellers can make their data collection process efficient. A pre-built feature-rich tool from a trusted service provider can reduce all the dilemmas and hassles associated with Amazon data collection.

A trusted company that you can choose for Amazon scraper is APISCRAPY. The company offers a cutting-edge web scraper for Amazon data collection. The tool can be scaled and customized to extract desired data from Amazon. Know more about the Amazon data and price scraper by visiting the APISCRAPY website. Beat the competition by knowing their strategies and plans with the help of Amazon web scraper

APISCRAPY’s well-researched, smart, cutting-edge free web crawler can efficiently handle all types of anti-scraping technologies. Thousands of web pages can be crawled for data collection using our data scraping tool without any interruption. It is intended to remove all the hurdles that appear during data collection to deliver a smoother user experience.

AIMLEAP Automation Practice

APISCRAPY is a scalable data scraping (web & app) and automation platform that converts any data into ready-to-use data API. The platform is capable to extract data from websites, process data, automate workflows and integrate ready to consume data into database or deliver data in any desired format. APISCRAPY practice provides capabilities that help create highly personalized digital experiences, products and services. Our RPA solutions help customers with insights from data for decision-making, improve operations efficiencies and reduce costs. To learn more, visit us

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