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Instagram Data Crawler: Goldmine To Intelligence

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Instagram, the ultimate picture and video-sharing social networking platform, was launched in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012 and has 2 Billion active users.

Every day, 95 million photographs and videos are uploaded on Instagram.

People respond to each of those postings by leaving a heart, commenting, sharing, and using hashtags. All of these actions generate a massive quantity of data that can be collected by businesses, institutions, marketers, research bodies, data analysts, and influencers.

Today, Instagram is used by all kinds of businesses. The revenues generated from advertisements are huge and being an Instagram influencer is an actual profession today. Businesses are also growing on Instagram.

In fact, there were over 200 million business accounts on Instagram as of 2021.

With such a large active user base, Instagram is a goldmine of quality data waiting to be explored. In such a case, being able to get valuable data from Instagram can prove to be extremely useful for any business or individual.

How To Collect Instagram Data?

Data scraping has gotten more difficult, particularly on Instagram, due to modern anti-bot technologies that have lately barred several proxies and data centers from their site. With this in mind, there is a requirement to use a web crawling tool.

Using an ultra-fast, dedicated Instagram crawler, anyone can collect data from pictures and videos worth a thousand words and scale their business. A data scraper or crawler is a command-line software application designed to make the extraction of images, videos, comments, and shared data from Instagram users’ accounts effortless. A web crawler crawls Instagram pages with high speed and extracts the real-time data in a predefined format.

What Type Of Data Can Be Collected From Instagram?

  Instagram Crawler

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From images to reels, everything on Instagram holds a lot of data that can be used for diverse purposes including audience sentiment analysis, market trend monitoring, and competitor monitoring. Using an Instagram crawler is the best way to collect high-quality data automatically. Examples of data that you can collect from Instagram using a web crawling tool –

  • Email
  • Contact phone
  • User ID
  • Bios
  • Hashtags
  • Comments
  • Locations
  • Followers
  • Following accounts

Is Instagram Scraping Legal?

While Instagram prohibits any crawling, scraping, or caching of its data, it is not governed by law. In other words, if you scrape data from Instagram, your IP may get blocked, but there are no legal consequences.

It is permissible to scrape publicly available data, still, we recommend you be very careful. Do not scrape anything that is protected by copyright or contains personal information of Instagram users. After scraping Instagram, double-check your output for anything that violates GDPR, CCPA, or deems intellectual property. There are GDPR-compliant web crawling tools available to help users scrape data legally.

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How Does Instagram Crawler Help A Business?

With over 1 billion active Instagrammers, it’s obvious that Instagram data will prove to be extremely beneficial for a business. Business owners, food chains, investors, fashion brands, and influencers can align their growth strategies by collecting data from Instagram using an advanced Instagram crawler. With everything in place, they can sit back and relax while the extraction tool crawls Instagram data and handles the cleaning, formatting, and everything in between. Let us see how an Instagram Crawler tool can help your business:

   Instagram Crawler

1. Generating Leads

Are you still following the same old method for lead generation? Are you still copying and pasting emails and contact numbers from web portals and sites manually? Update yourself and start using an Instagram crawler for lead generation.

Lead generation is one of the primary strategies used by businesses to achieve high conversion rates. A web crawler for Instagram is designed to improve the process of generating more leads for businesses. Instagram’s data scrapers crawl Instagram data efficiently, making it easier for businesses to get more leads.

Data available on the users’ profiles like emails can be extracted using a data crawling tool. This information can be leveraged to contact potential visitors with personalized ad campaigns and emails and turn them into customers.

2. Market Campaigns Creation

Understanding your target audience through Instagram will help you make informed decisions and launch successful business marketing campaigns. Statistics prove that

social media is used by 55% of purchasers to conduct research.

Collecting data from social media platforms like Instagram will help you reach the mind of your potential audience.

Instagram’s data helps you understand what your consumer base demands, which helps you generate effective marketing campaigns for social media including Facebook and Instagram.

Using Instagram crawler, you can eradicate manual data collection which is time-consuming and demanding. The web crawling tool will help you collect geolocation information from users’ posts, which will assist in the planning and launching of effective and success-driven marketing campaigns in various regions.

3. Sentiment Analysis

As an Instagram influencer or a business leader, you want to know and comprehend your followers’ feelings. So, the best way to find what your audience thinks about your products and services is through sentiment analysis. You can analyze audience sentiments through social mentions, hashtags, comments, and shares on Instagram posts. Sentiment analysis may increase operational efficiency by providing insight into the reasons for positive and negative feelings in postings and comments.

Data from Instagram videos and posts must be collected, altered, and analyzed for sentiment analysis. Using an Instagram crawler, anyone can crawl Instagram data by sending HTTP requests to different pages. The data is then stored in a database for further research and analysis.

An Instagram crawler allows you to simply measure things such as brand awareness, brand image, and forecast customer behavior.

4. Keep Up With Competitors

Keeping your focus on what your competitors are doing is a great way to find new market growth strategies. It will not only provide you with valuable insights into what and when to post, but also which kind of content works best to target the audience.

Crawl Instagram data and leverage it to keep a tab on your competitors and their market growth strategies. Crawling on their Instagram profiles and scraping followers will help a person reach the target audience.

Using Instagram crawler, you can obtain a list of followers on your competitors’ Instagram pages and engage with them through direct messages. Extract data from the posts, videos, and reels and know the sentiments of their audience. You can also find inspiration for your next social media post by extracting Instagram posts and their captions.

Web crawler designed for Instagram provides accurate data which also helps you learn from your competitors’ mistakes and success. By analyzing the market growth strategies of your business competitors, you can implement solid growth tactics for your business and achieve success.

5. Identifying Trends

Every day, more than 200 million Instagram users view at least one company profile.

You can count yourself in the company profiles that Instagram users view if you post according to the latest trends and user needs.

Trends are crucial in the commercial world.

What are the interests of your target market?

What’s the best way to get your photos, videos, and stories in front of the appropriate people?

Trends may be fleeting, but if followed correctly, they can help you grow your business. Keeping up with the latest Trends helps you meet your social media marketing goals quickly.

Data helps you analyze the latest trends running on Instagram. It enables you to create unique, creative, and engaging posts with a better chance of collecting views, likes, and comments. An Instagram crawler gives you the potential to collect relevant data for trend analysis. Through automated web crawling, you can spare more time to focus on important business tasks like trendy social media campaign designing and trendy product launching.

6. Find Inspiration For New Content

Data scraping with the help of an Instagram crawler assists you in finding new stuff to post on your account. There are thousands of celebrities, companies, and influencers posting new content every day and you can take inspiration from it.

With the click of a mouse, you can crawl Instagram data, read stories, and scrape posts. After you’ve finished scraping, you can examine the data to fill your feed with new and engaging posts. You can also see what hashtags your followers use when they share photographs, reels, and videos on Instagram.

The data you scrape using a web crawler for Instagram helps you create content for all of your social profiles, as well as blogs, infographics, case studies, and guest posts.

7. Face Recognition

One of the least researched and contentious applications of Instagram data scraping is face recognition technology. While scraping can be used for this purpose, Facebook, the owner of Instagram, has delivered stop and desist letters to companies that utilize scraping for this reason. Business and new app developers use Instagram face recognition technology for building new filters and other purposes.

Although Instagram scraping for facial recognition is typically discouraged, it may be used for machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI). An Instagram crawler can be used to extract images and videos for face recognition.

Instagram Data Collection FAQs

1. Who can collect data from Instagram?

Anyone who wants to know their audience, monitor trends, and analyze their competitors can scrape data from Instagram. Data extracted from Instagram allows users to take smart, success-driven decisions.

2. What technology is best for data collection from Instagram?

Use a pre-built Instagram crawler or scraper for efficient data collection. A tool automates the process and delivers high-quality data in a ready-to-use format like CSV, JSON, etc. APISCRAPY is a company that offers free pre-built data scrapers to help users collect data in a predefined format.

3. What type of data can I scrape from Instagram?

Instagram posts, reels, videos, IGTV, stories, and their comments, likes, shares, tags, and location-specific data can be collected with an advanced Instagram crawler.


Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms on the earth. In fact, every fitness, fashion, and food lover spends most of their time on Instagram. If you want to grow your business while keeping up with the latest trends, then scraping Instagram data using an Instagram crawler is an ideal way.

Businesses, influencers, market analysts, and individuals from diverse industries are leveraging Instagram data for their own purposes. If you also want to benefit from Instagram data, then choose a pre-built web crawler for Instagram data scraping from APISCRAPY. The company offers a wide range of AI-powered web crawling tools that support data collection operations with high scalability and efficiency. Visit the official website of APISCRAPY and get a data scraper specifically for your scalable needs.

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