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APISCRAPY Web Scraper: The Secret Behind Growing eCommerce Businesses

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When my uncle started his eCommerce business in the USA, it was hard for him to maintain a strong competitive position. From developing a world-class website to providing personalized experiences to customers, he was doing everything to grow his business but didn’t get the expected results. So, he consulted business experts and they suggested he should turn his standard business into a data-driven, smart business. He immediately accepted the suggestion and started eCommerce web scraping to collect relevant information from diverse web sources like Amazon and eBay for market analysis, competitor monitoring, and price decision-making. Leveraging a deeper understanding of a market, product, or clientele, he was able to reap larger rewards. His business eventually picked pace and grew exponentially.

With the worldwide eCommerce industry expected to reach $5.1 trillion by 2026.

It’s no wonder that people are trying their luck in this rising business sector. If you also want to start and run a successful eCommerce business, then make its operations data-driven. Unpredictability is one of the most exciting yet tough aspects of running an eCommerce site or channel. Nonetheless, both technology and human behavior are continuously changing, and you must be prepared to adapt as a business owner or eCommerce manager. Use high-quality data extracted from your competitors’ websites to do everything, be it deciding on a new product range or creating success-oriented marketing strategies.

   	Ecommerce Web Scraping

Build A Large Scale eCommerce Business On Big Data

Did you know that we as internet users generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day?

This number seems higher, however, web scraping is the way to collect massive data from web sources. The expanding abundance of web data is increasing business adoption of automated, AI-powered eCommerce web scraping. An automated tool not just pulls out data from web sources, but also reduces the hassle of cleaning and structuring data.

Web scraping is essential for data-driven businesses, particularly eCommerce platforms that leverage publicly available data to study competitors, track customers, and create leads.

Data-driven businesses are expected to be 19 times more profitable and 52% better at understanding their customers.

Using a smart eCommerce crawler, one can save time by significantly speeding up the data scraping process. An eCommerce web scraper offers many benefits, which we are going to discuss here.

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Benefits Of APISCRAPY’s Ecommerce Web Scraping For Businesses

eCommerce is adaptable to the latest technologies. To leverage a deeper understanding of the market, integrate advanced eCommerce web scraper and automate eCommerce web scraping. An eCommerce crawler delivers ultimate benefits, from operational efficiency to high data accuracy. Here is the list of the most common and attractive benefits-

  Ecommerce Web Scraping

1. Price Monitoring & Optimization

Today, even global leaders in the eCommerce industry like Amazon and eBay are relying upon data extraction to monitor their competitors’ prices (those with the same products aimed at targeting the same or a different audience). eCommerce web scraping helps businesses get a much deeper insight into the market situation.

If you are aware of websites that consistently outperform you in terms of pricing, you can use APISCRAPY’s eCommerce web scraper to watch how they price their items and then devise a better pricing structure for your products. By tracking the real-time prices of competitors’ products, you can optimize the prices of your products for better sales. Price optimization helps eCommerce businesses to boost revenue and sales tremendously.

2. Understand Customer Sentiment

Digging into someone’s mind is impossible for humans. But an individual’s shopping habits tell a lot about him/her. So, how can you analyze someone’s shopping habits? Well, the answer is data. Data helps you know what your targeted customers are buying, how often they do online shopping, and how they feel about a company, its products, and its services.

Through eCommerce web scraping, you can collect information about customer buying behavior, product reviews, location, desirable products, etc. Customer feedback collected from various comments and social media platforms will help understand customer sentiments so that you can decide to sell products based on customer preferences, experiences, and views. This would assist in increasing the appeal of your brand and improving the user experience.

3. Discounts & Promotion Strategies

Savvy internet shoppers know how to optimize savings by combining coupons with additional offers and cash-back incentives. This might result in a less profitable transaction for merchants! No, in fact,

coupon users spend 46% more at the checkout than regular customers

which in turn leads to more sales and revenue generation. Customers frequently return to websites that give coupons and discounts. With data obtained from APISCRAPY eCommerce web scraper, you can strategize better offers and discounts for your products. Automated eCommerce web scraping allows you to collect accurate web data which you can use to build the right promotional strategies and set the right discount price.

4. Demand Analysis & Market Forecasting

Build a dynamic eCommerce business, which operates on consumers’ demands. Before presenting a product on your eCommerce website, do some research to understand its demand. When forecasting market demands, a statistical approach must be applied. This approach assesses a product’s long-term demand using time-series (historical) and cross-sectional data.

eCommerce web scraping makes it easier to collect relevant web data and use it to accurately forecast and analyze market demands. APISCRAPY’s eCommerce web scraping enables the investigation of user attitudes, desires, and preferences, helping with extensive predictive analysis.

5. Discover New Market Trends

Modern businesses must sell trendy products to stay competitive. But finding what’s trendy is not as easy as it looks. Trend analysis is essential to growing your business since it helps you identify changes in the marketplace in real-time and improve decision-making.

eCommerce web scraping is one effective way to discover new market trends. Automated data collection with the assistance of an eCommerce web scraper can help you determine which products in your niche are working well, what improvements can be made to increase the sales, and how you can develop a successful product plan.

6. Effortless Competitor Monitoring

There is an adage, “keep your friends close and your competitors even closer.” By monitoring your competitors, you can avoid the mistakes that are simultaneously made by them. Competitor brand failures, marketing strategies, the latest products in their belts, and many other things are identified through competitive monitoring.

87% of buyers begin their product searches online

And if their favorite eCommerce store doesn’t offer the quality they are expecting, they’ll share their frustration on social media. Competitive monitoring can help you detect these occurrences. eCommerce web scraping is an ideal way to know what your competitors are doing. By integrating an AI-powered eCommerce crawler, a business can improve the accuracy of its competitor monitoring and analysis.

7. Generate leads

Acquiring new leads is critical for a business. The more people it is possible to attract, the better it is for a business to achieve growth. But lead generation is no longer as simple as it once was.

According to a Hubspot survey, 61% of marketers find generating traffic and leads to be their most difficult problem.

eCommerce web scraping is an excellent solution to this problem. Through APISCRAPY’s eCommerce web scraper, it is possible to obtain well-structured data in CSV or JSON format to gain valuable insights to target potential customers. You’ll also know where your clients originate from, which means you’ll be able to run targeted ads at a particular location. Generating leads without investing too much time and effort has been made possible by APISCRAPY.

8. Targeted Advertisements

Over 50% of all prospective buyers prove to be a poor fit for businesses.

Brands can interact with prospects who are most interested in their products using targeted advertising. It enhances the likelihood of selling to a certain buyer. Good advertising is essential for any company that wishes to sell the majority of its products or services without much difficulty. eCommerce web scraping can help with this since the information gathered allows you to develop better, personalized, and targeted ads for your brand. You will not only reach customers but also convert them to sales with more precise ads and marketing techniques. APISCRAPY’s eCommerce web scraping is an ideal solution to collect relevant data from major eCommerce sources to run targeted ads on diverse online platforms.


Summing up, automated eCommerce web scraping can save you a lot of time and money that is usually wasted when you do it manually. APISCRAPY’s eCommerce web scraper is a groundbreaking technology that significantly speeds up the process of data collection. Apply it in diverse business spheres to achieve ultimate benefits. Use every opportunity, especially automated eCommerce crawler to develop a successful eCommerce business in the shortest time.

If you are striving to grow your eCommerce business in this competitive business landscape, deploy APISCRAPY’s best-in-class web scraper to the process of data scraping and get fresh and accurate data regularly for analysis and research.

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