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APISCRAPY’s Free Web Crawler to Replace In-House Development Team

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The first half of 2022 is behind us and we are still recovering from the effects of Covid-19 on our professional and personal lives. So, what’s the future of data analytics in the coming years? My prediction is that more and more businesses will make strategic decisions to avoid any type of financial and operational risk. From my viewpoint, this year, we are going to see the influence of data on business process optimization across the organization. Data fuels strategy, rapid transformation, innovation, and other vital elements that are required to run a successful business. Data is used to drive decisions ranging from recruiting new employees to introducing new product features—and everything in between.

Furthermore, fully data-driven organizations produce 8–10% more profit and are 23 times more likely to attract new consumers as compared to their competitors.

Data – Playing A Strong Role In Building The Solid Foundation For A Business

It won’t be wrong if we call data the foundation, base, or key element of every business activity. But today, organizations struggle to gain access to real-time data. As a result, leveraging data to enhance business processes throughout the company is difficult. So, what’s the solution for this?

We are drowning in data, with around 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data created every day.

But to have access to this big amount of data, you should have access to the right technology and resources that help you identify, collect and interpret relevant data. You should weave the right technology into the fabric of your data collection process.

  Free Web Crawler

What Is The Right Data Collection Technology?

Well, the use of automated tools is the only way to collect data and centralize it for analysis and research in a repository. Many companies source in-house developers to build a web crawler or write code to gather information from a specific website. The self-developed web data extractor might provide your company the useful information, but the development process requires a significant investment of time and money. Further, a web crawler requires maintenance, which again adds to your operational costs.

I am sure that many people reading this would want to know the alternate data extraction solution that not just saves time and money, but also reduces the hassles and errors.

As a part of a successful business, I prefer hiring a data solution and automation company that can provide a pre-built web crawler that is feature-rich and quality-oriented. I understand it’s not easy for you to find a data solution provider and rely on its services, but the benefits are worthwhile.

One of the most trusted names in the web scraping industry is APISCRAPY. The company offers a free web crawler based on the scale of your project and specific requirements. A pre-built, smart site scraper can effectively replace your in-house development team. In fact, APISCRAPY offers AI-supported site crawler software that scales with your requirements and adapts to the evolving digital world quickly, which is obviously hard to carry out by a standard, outdated data scraper.

Benefits Of Choosing APISCRAPY’s Automated Web Crawlers Over In-House Web Crawlers

According to the Standish Group’s 2020 CHAOS study, around 66% of software initiatives fail.

Reasons could be lack of knowledge, improper implementation, or poor planning. Think about the number of hours your developers are going to put in building a data scraper and it still fails to perform in line with your expectations. Now what? Since you relied upon a self-built site scraper for data scraping, you are left with no choice; You will have to put more time and money to make it perfect. Or you can simply choose APISCRAPY’s AI-augmented site crawler software. The company offers a free web crawler that’s reliable, affordable, efficient, and of course, advanced. You can optimize your data scraping process with an automated data scraper from APISCRAPY and obtain the benefits shared below –

  Free Web Crawler

1. Precisely Mimics Human Behavior

An AI-powered free web crawler that lets users collect data by just entering keywords attracts a lot of praise from people all around the world. AI-powered tools engineered by APISCRAPY are getting advanced enough to be able to mimic human behaviors. They have developed their own sort of common sense to understand the needs of users, crawl websites and deliver data accordingly. APISCRAPY’s pre-built site scraper understands and adapts to digital environments and scrapes data evading anti-scraping technologies.

2. Effectively Bypass Crawler Traps

Crawler traps or anti-scraping technology is employed to detect fake visitors and prevent them from obtaining data for their own purpose. You can deal with traps like CAPTCHAs, IP restrictions, honeypot traps, user agents, and website changes effectively with APISCRAPY’s pre-built free web crawler. The tool intends to remove all the hurdles coming your way while acquiring web data. It has its own pool of 100 million proxies to evade IP blockages. APISCRAPY’s site crawler software is smart enough to crack CAPTCHAs, honeypot traps, and web changes.

3. Avoid Crawling Duplicate Pages

If you use an outdated site scraper, you may scrape the same web page many times, or the same information from two separate pages. Reduplication, for whatever reason, might lead to inaccurate conclusions. Missing values and duplicate data are two variables that have a negative influence on data quality. So, what is the solution for avoiding data duplicates? APISCRAPY’s pre-developed free web crawler is the right tool that lets the user scrape only unique values from web pages and save them into the database.

4. Follows Site Guidance And Robot.txt

I cannot overstate the importance of site guidance. Indeed, we appear to have reached a stage where it is more significant than internal links. It is also critical to follow the robots.txt guidelines, or the website administrator may permanently prohibit you. Robots.txt is a text file created by webmasters to teach web robots how to crawl pages on their websites. Our site crawler software is built with high precision to handle everything seamlessly. It respects and follows site guidance and robot.txt while attempting to scrape data from a website.

5. Data Quality

There is certainly no lack of data, but the quality of it still leaves much to be desired.

According to a Harvard Business Review Research, data quality is significantly lower than most companies realize, with only 3% of data quality scores in the survey assessed as “good.”

This means you might have been collecting low-quality data without having any idea. APISCRAPY has developed a free web crawler because it believes that everyone should have the chance to get access to high-quality data. The site scraper extracts accurate, high-quality data that was previously exclusively available to huge enterprises and research institutes.

6. Time-Saving

Today’s corporate management necessitates faster online data collection. Such data scraping leads any business to the top of its industry. Keeping the need for speedy data scraping in mind, engineers at APISCRAPY have fabricated AI-powered site crawler software that evades all the hurdles coming its way and extracts data from the web pages promptly. A pre-built free web crawler helps companies, researchers, and analysts save time since there is no need of developing a data scraping tool from scratch.

7. High Scalability

Do you have a group of experts who can build a high-end tool that scales with your needs? If the answer is no, then don’t waste your time and money on building an in-house site scraper. There is a significant difference between designing and running a single scraper that scrapes 100 pages and creating and maintaining a big-scale distributed scraping infrastructure that can scrape thousands of websites or millions of pages per day. When it comes to scraping web pages at scale, things get effortless very quickly if you choose a free web crawler by APISCRAPY. It is engineered on an advanced technology to handle millions of web pages for data scraping.

8. Friendly UI

I prefer using a tool that is easy to use and has a friendly user interface that doesn’t create any problems in navigation. If you are like me, then you’ll definitely prefer using APISCRAPY’s free web crawler that has a beginner-friendly URL and features. The company’s goal is to introduce automated web scraping to people who are new to it. Users can easily operate the tool and collect data in CSV, XML, or JSON format. The site scraper will extract all the data on the page without having users create scraping codes or operate it.

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How APISCRAPY’s Free Web Crawlers Can Effectively Replace Your In-House Development Team?

Workplace automation is widely available, frequently in the form of software solutions. There was a time when the term “automation” meant modern industrial plants and manufacturing units filled with robotics. But now software and tools are the smart substitutions for the in-house teams and a classic example of workplace automation. There’s scope for greater automation in almost all business operations and data scraping is one of them. APISCRAPY offers a free web crawler that can automate your data scraping process and effectively replace the in-house software development team. How? Well, you’ll get the answer after scrolling down.

  Free Web Crawler

1. By Reducing The Need For Hiring Additional Personnel

Due to the real expense of acquiring employees, cash-strapped organizations often hesitate to start hiring, even when they need staff. It’s easy to overlook the fact that the cost of hiring a new employee extends beyond their salary because it includes recruiting, training, benefits, and more.

According to stats, in 2020-2021, businesses spent more than $92 billion on training.

Another small factor to consider is the expense of workplace integration, which includes everything from assigning a new recruit a desk to placing them with the appropriate team of peers. So, if you choose APISCRAPY’s pre-built free web crawler, you can eradicate the need for hiring more employees for developing and maintaining crawlers. Pre-built site crawler software is more cost-effective, easy to manage, and convenient with technical support & maintenance.

2. More Flexibility

When you choose APISCRAPY’s site crawler software, you have more flexibility to employ or remove it from the process as per your requirements, which is not the case if you have a full-time team of developers working for you. Once the developers are hired, they are hired and you have to bear their expenses. You cannot terminate them from the service only because your project doesn’t have their requirement anymore. One more flexibility that APISCRAPY offers you is that you can have a custom-built site scraper with specific technology, design, and features.

3. More Affordable

The average annual salary of a developer in Europe is roughly €50,000. According to Glassdoor, it’s roughly $90K in the United States. This value is increased by 2.7x due to additional expenses (according to Joe Hadzima, MIT).

So, if you are planning to start the in-house development of a data scraper, think twice. Choosing a service provider is still an affordable option. Like an in-house development team, Apiscrapy can build a custom site scraper considering your project goals, specific crawling requirements, and data deliverability, and that too within your budget. So, if you are worried about custom site crawler software being heavy on your pocket, then just relax. A company dealing with diverse requirements has a strong experience and technology to build web crawlers than your in-house development team.

4. Wide Pool Of Pre-Built Crawlers

APISCRAPY has a wide pool of pre-built data scrapers that users can simply deploy to scrape relevant data from a desirable site. They use advanced technologies to build cutting-edge custom tools that are more reliable and affordable. The talented team of developers, data experts, and managers at APISCRAPY have together put their time and money to build more than 10,000 custom web crawlers. You can save a lot of time on development and maintenance if you employ a pre-built free web crawler by APISCRAPY.

5. Power Of AI

AI is a powerful technology and we can’t ignore it. Over the years, this game-changing technology has been accepted by many for its abilities.

A report by IDC states that AI will be used in 90% of commercial corporate apps by 2025.

But it is not easy to implement the power of AI in an app or a tool. If you have a plan to build AI-powered data scrapers, you need everything from rich experience and knowledge to advanced devices and infrastructure. Do you really think it’s worth spending time and money on the development of a data scraper? It’s better to choose APISCRAPY’s AI-supported free web crawler with rich features, friendly UI, and the ability to scrape all types of web pages. It will save you time, money, and hassle that is very common to see in the in-house development and management of a tool.

Why Choose A Pre-Built Free Web Crawler?

One of the significant dilemmas when it comes to web scraping is choosing how to do it. Whether to choose pre-built tools or develop your own data extractor? When it comes to web scraping on a large scale, numerous hurdles arise which can hinder data extraction. Scraping the web at scale is an entirely different story. If done incorrectly, it might lead to legal action. To design a system that harvests data at scale while keeping anonymity, you’ll need a lot of people, money, and time. So, it’s better to choose a pre-built free web crawler. There are more reasons why you should choose a pre-built free site scraper.

  Free Web Crawler

⮚ Requires No Maintenance

The robust site crawler software needs a solid maintenance plan. Picture this: You are running a data scraper and the tool stops working all of a sudden. You’ll get frustrated. For a seamless experience without any disruptions, you need to keep your data scraper well-maintained, but…… Is it not time-consuming, hectic, and expensive? Here a pre-built free web crawler comes into play. From upgrades to maintenance, everything is handled by the service provider. It requires no maintenance from the user side!

⮚ Reliability And Stability

A pre-developed free web crawler is reliable for businesses, research institutions, and individuals. It offers high stability, even if you are scraping a massive website with a robust security system. Experts who are building site scrapers for a very long time know what to infuse in a data scraper to make it able to handle all types of websites and data requirements with high stability. It takes rich experience and tech knowledge to build a data scraper that is reliable and stable for all types of data needs. Not everyone has it ready in their system.

⮚ Avoid Legal Risks Associated With Crawling

Scraping on such a large scale has the potential to be illegal. GDPR is a possible legal problem to be concerned about if you live in Europe. Choosing a pre-built, advanced free web crawler is highly recommended if you don’t want yourself in any legal problems. The site crawler software is engineered keeping all the legal things in mind. Most crawlers are GDPR compliant which helps you avoid legal risks associated with large-scale data collection. You can extract data anonymously using advanced free web crawlers.

⮚ Developers Can Focus On Core Areas

Developers handle many important tasks that fuel the growth of a business. I don’t think it’s fair to keep them entangled in redundant tasks like the development of a site scraper. Give them time to focus on core business areas by employing a pre-developed free web crawler. It will save more time for your in-house engineers to focus on important functions.

⮚ Finest Data Delivery In A Desirable Format

Bad data costs sales and marketing teams around 550 hours and up to $32,000 per sales rep.

Are you astounded by these figures? Do you need a quick solution to your data problem? Pre-built site crawler software is a go-to option for quality data collection. A tool built especially for data scraping helps the user collect accurate, clean, and well-formatted data ready for use.


Using a pre-built web crawler is a better choice than building it in-house with your development team. The proof is shared elaborately in this blog post. From saving time to providing more scalability, a pre-built site scraper adequately manages everything to make data collection an effortless process. It can help you achieve the goals without overwhelming your developers with loads of work. Gone are the days when businesses were developing in-house tools and spending money like water. Now everyone has access to pre-built solutions within their budget.

Ready to enrich your database with the finest quality data? Visit the official website of APISCRAPY to know more about a certified free web crawler.

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