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Create New Value From AI-Driven News Data Scraping

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Media and entertainment companies all around the world are facing an increasingly competitive and unpredictable market. New digital trends and running online world demand extra creative thinking from media and entertainment holders.

Being a news blogger, I have seen online news sites struggling because of not having access to accurate data. Big data can be used for a variety of purposes, from analysis of readers’ sentiments to tracking down the latest market trends. The advantages of applying data science are clear for major broadcasting companies, media houses, blog sites, etc.

According to activity data provided by WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Wix, Squarespace, and Medium, as of 2021, there were more than 570 million active blogs hovering all over the internet.

You will be surprised to know that many blog sites don’t actually update every day. Many of them just make a few posts each week or even per month. Due to this massive number of blogs, collecting web data is next to impossible.

An intelligent approach to staying current on data scraping trends and advancements is automated data scrapers. Automated data scraping is a discipline that involves taking large sets of data and interpreting the information within with the use of advanced tools or software. Without having to manually enter the data, users can create a large database by using a news article scraper.

 	News Crawling

What Exactly Is News Scraping?

News crawling or scraping is a type of web scraping that focuses on publicly accessible news websites. It is the process of pulling news updates and releases from news articles and websites automatically. Extracting public news data from the news sites tab on SERPs.

With quick access to quality data, journalists, bloggers, new analysts, researchers, and broadcasting business owners can track certain keywords to keep on top of a topic.

News scraping has many advantages, but it has its own challenges. Not all websites adhere to correct formatting and management. Without using the right technology, you can’t extract data on a large scale from such websites. In fact, some websites change so often, that they make it difficult for a standard news crawler or scraper to collect data from them. In that case, an AI-driven news scraper can help.

How Does AI-Driven News Crawling Add New Value To A Business?

 	News Crawling

1. Risk Assessment

Artificial Intelligence-driven news scraping adds accuracy to data. So, when it comes to risk management, accurate data has a good significance. From weather forecasts to economic crises, many risks can be assessed with the help of accurate data.

In a recent McKinsey article on risk and resilience, it was suggested to run scenarios using digital technologies that incorporate real-time data from many sources.

Scraping public news websites using an advanced AI-supported new crawling tool improves a company’s ability to effectively foresee, predict, and observe dangers. Users can extract quality info from news sites using an AI-powered news crawling tool and assess risks related to weather, society, economy, etc.

2. Real-Time Verified Information

Can you share news without knowing the reality behind it? Can you make predictions or do research without having access to quality data? No, right! News and media are all about sharing the right information with the audience in order to retain credibility. For that, their fundamental goal is to extract real-time, verified information from a reliable source and analyze it.

For today’s companies, real-time analytics are tremendously helpful. News crawling or scraping with AI-driven breaking news API can help a user with real-time, reliable, up-to-date, and verified information.

In real-time analytics, data preparation and measurement are done as soon as it enters the database. In other words, users get knowledge quickly and they are able to make decisions as soon as the data enters their system.

Real-time data analytics are credited with increasing revenue by 80% of the businesses examined.

Real-time analytics ensure that you stay ahead of numerous situations. Businesses can foresee with confidence when they have access to quick responses.

3. Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is contextual text mining that recognizes and extracts subjective information from the source material. It assists people in understanding the social sentiment of their brand, product, or service while keeping an eye on online discussions.

Alright, here is my take… Consider you are writing and publishing news about crimes or the economy, but your audience likes to read about celebrities or sports. You need to work on topics that your audience finds interesting to read. Through AI-supported news crawling, one can easily collect relevant data like reviews and comments of the audience and analyze their sentiments and make strategic decisions.

Integrate an advanced news crawler with your system and build a solid database to analyze user sentiments and optimize your business.

4. Competitive Intelligence

Everything is a business. The media is selling news and vendors are selling goods. Whatever you are selling, you need to gain competitive intelligence which is referred to as an ability to gather, use and analyze information collected on competitors and targeted market.

Statistics say that businesses invest in competitive intelligence to the tune of 94%.

So, it’s your time to move forward to contribute to a business’ competitive advantage.

Product launches, rebranding activities, mergers and acquisitions, economy anticipations, crimes, weather reports, financial outcomes, and other issues are covered in a variety of news pieces. You’ll be called the leader if you share the information faster than your competitors or at the same pace. AI-supported news crawling provides information on competitors quite effectively and helps you achieve competitive intelligence.

Use an AI-powered news scraper to extract high-quality data rapidly and understand your business’ competitive environment and the opportunities and challenges it presents.

5. Latest Trends

The operations of a corporation can be impacted by several factors and significant events. Companies must thus create a system that enables them to keep an eye on trends and new problems.

The best place to start is with public news items. They provide details highlighting the future of a specific sector. For instance, summaries of market research papers provide information on the state of the sector now and variables that are anticipated to spur growth over the next few years. Companies can find new market trends that improve competitiveness by web scraping all the open news items that include this information.

Companies can uncover new industry trends by using AI-powered news crawling tools for collecting all public news stories carrying such information. A smart news article scraper delivers structured data that makes trend monitoring a breeze.

6. Reputation Management

A 2020 Weber Shandwick study found that companies with good reputations benefit from increased customer loyalty, better relationships with partners and suppliers, competitive advantage, the recruitment of top talent, high employee retention rates, higher stock prices, new market opportunities, and more. More specifically, a company’s reputation is responsible for 76% of its market worth.

If you own a big company, there are high chances, you are getting media coverage that can be negative or positive. Through AI-assisted news crawling, you can scrape data from News sites in real-time and get to know what is being said about your own company in the news. Further, you can take steps to improve your reputation. By automating the news data collection process with a news crawler, you will get access to quality data that helps you build smart strategies.

7. Become Complaint And Reliable

If you are into the news and broadcasting business, you need to build reliance. So, if you choose AI-supported news crawling, you can share information with high precision and gain the trust of a wider audience.

News websites cover a wide range of subjects, including regulations that have already been enacted as well as those that are still pending, places that are experiencing a high rate of violence, how fast or slow the economy is boosting, sports teams that have won and lost the game, etc.

Advanced news scraper assists companies in better preparing for the ramifications of proposed or recently adopted rules by scraping public news stories and gathering information about them. Along with that, you can share the top news with high precision and develop a solid presence as a trustworthy company in the market.

8. Content Strategy Enhancement

How solid is your website content? Content is the basic need of a business running online so it’s obvious that you choose it to be dynamic. From SEO to SMO, everything involves content.

And if you are in a business sharing news and data, then you definitely need to optimize your content strategy. By scraping content from news sites and websites that issue press releases and give regular article-based coverage, you can build a strong content strategy.

An AI-supported news scraper can assist in extracting accurate content from news sites. Using news crawling, businesses can efficiently learn how to improve their communication and content strategies and make their PR stand distinct

9. Fresh Ideas

When I have to find something related to sports and celebrities, I often visit news sites since they hold a huge database of such content. Reading it gives me ideas to launch a new product or develop a unique and the latest social media post.

News sites are the best source that you can choose to get the latest information to develop ideas. Scraping public news using a news article scraper is a dependable approach to gain automatic access to quality data and, discover new ideas. Integrating a breaking news API with a data scraping system allows you to build an efficient and accurate data scraping process.

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Is News Scraping Illegal?

The above question keeps coming up time and again but since news scraping is not illegal, you can efficiently extract data from news sites, but you should make sure that you are not violating any laws or infringing any intellectual property rights. Also, you should not use the information for something which is illegal.

Contrary to widespread misconception, online scraping itself is neither illegal nor shady. This does not imply that site scraping of any type is acceptable. It must stay inside specific bounds, just like any human activity. Personal data and intellectual property laws are the most crucial restrictions when it comes to online scraping, but other elements like the terms of service of the website might also come into play. Make the use of a legal news scraper compliant with government rules and regulations and safely and legally collect news data from valid sources.

5 Companies To Look Out For In 2022 For AI-Driven News Scraping

Have you been wasting your time searching for the right AI-driven data scraping solution? I hope this post will bring you relief, since we are enlisting the top companies in 2022 for AI-driven news scrapers that you can choose in this age of digitization.

 	News Crawling


Gear up for quick and easy data scraping automation with APISCRAPY’s advanced AI-powered news crawling tools. APISCRAPY is one of the most amazing companies that you can choose to get a next-gen news scraper for your business. Experts here have empowered scrapers and crawlers with Artificial Intelligence and made them smoothly functional, scalable, and accuracy-driven. Pick a pre-built and custom news crawler and scraper from APISCRAPY and get access to high-quality, accurate data in the format of your choice.

2. Zyte

Second, on our list is Zyte which is trusted by data-driven companies all around the world. The company offers a smart proxy manager, smart browser API, automatic extraction services, scriptable headless browser, and scrapy cloud for running and managing a news crawler. Their data scraping tools are built and maintained by a team of 100 experts. Zyte offers news crawling tools that are flexible to meet your scalable needs.

3. DataOx

A company-developed internal solution that automates and expedites data collection and data purification enables users to complete tasks more accurately, more affordably, and with greater efficiency. Get the desired news at your specified frequency by using DataOx as your data delivery provider. It ensures a hassle-free, top-notch news scraping service with its years of experience and also creates special software for this purpose. The company’s innovative department is steadily improving its approaches to deliver effortless data crawling solutions.

4. CrawlNow

Get cloud-based news data extraction solutions from CrawlNow and turn websites into feeds at scale. Fully managed enterprise-scale online data integration and extraction services are offered by CrawlNow. You can convert web pages into useful data with complete news crawling and scraping services from CrawlNow. There is no learning curve involved; you only need to tell them the data you need, and they will take care of the rest. It is a quicker and more affordable substitute for employing a news crawling and scraping engineer.

5. ScrapeLabs

Don’t want to do web scraping? ScrapeLabs is the ultimate solution for you. Just tell them the website you want to scrape and they will do the heavy lifting for you. Leave data scraping to ScrapeLabs and you won’t have to waste your time learning and maintaining a news article scraper. Without writing a single line of code, you will get access to quality data for analysis from ScrapeLabs.


Have you tried everything, but your business is not picking its pace? You need to make your business data-driven. Integrate an AI-assisted news crawling tool with your business and collect high-quality data to make strategic decisions and predictions.

A news crawler delivers quality data for research and analysis. Connect with a trusted company like APISCRAPY for the best AI-driven new scraping solution. The company offers a cutting-edge news scraper that will solve all your problems related to news data collection. From collecting accurate data to making the process efficient, a lot of benefits are attained when you start using an automated news article scraper for data collection.

AIMLEAP Automation Practice

APISCRAPY is a scalable data scraping (web & app) and automation platform that converts any data into ready-to-use data API. The platform is capable to extract data from websites, process data, automate workflows and integrate ready to consume data into database or deliver data in any desired format. APISCRAPY practice provides capabilities that help create highly personalized digital experiences, products and services. Our RPA solutions help customers with insights from data for decision-making, improve operations efficiencies and reduce costs. To learn more, visit us

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