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How To Source Amazon Product Data To Grow Your Business?

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Amazon is edging towards becoming a trillion-dollar company.

It has a global client base of 310 million customers and almost 3,700 new vendors join Amazon every day.

It is operating globally and helping many retail businesses build their presence in the market. Dominating the eCommerce world, it is a driving revolution. Amazon data has been used by people to guide every decision within their customer-centric businesses. Amazon is a leader in customer experience innovation and many businesses have achieved success by turning Amazon data into a competitive weapon.

Amazon has been moving so quickly for so long, introducing so many new products, processes, and business models, that it has become the gold standard against which every company must measure itself or take the risk of being left behind.

From product prices to seller information, extract data related to everything from Amazon using Amazon product crawler and align your business with the latest market standards. But with so many products and information on the platforms, collecting Amazon data manually is next to impossible. Technology that is as sharp as the tungsten needle can dive deeper to extract highly protected Amazon data.

   	 	Amazon Product Crawler

Collect Amazon Product Data Using Amazon Product Crawler

Amazon offers a wide range of products on its platforms. One may think it doesn’t offer easy access to its data. Until now, outdated methods were available to export product data from Amazon to a spreadsheet.

But now that you have come to the right place, you will find something interesting!

Experts suggest that an automated Amazon product crawler can do what cannot be done manually at any cost. An individual using an Amazon product crawler coded in python can extract massive data in a structured format. Structured data is information that has been organized in a way that can be used for research and analysis and is easier to read by machines. Organizations are leaving enormous volumes of useful data on the business intelligence table because they lack the capabilities to structure and clean it.

If you integrate an Amazon price crawler with your data scraping system, you will get well-formatted, high-quality data fast and accurately. Use it to monitor, extract and store Amazon product data in the most efficient way.

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How Does Quality Data Help In Business Growth?

Data is the fuel for success in today’s information-driven corporate climate. The more decision-makers understand their customers’ requirements, industry developments, and the latest market trends, the more responsibly they can plan for future expansion. High-quality Amazon product data obtained using an Amazon product crawler can boost the growth of a business. How? Well, you will find the answer if you continue reading….

  Amazon Product Crawler

1. Competitor Analysis

We have competitors everywhere, be it school, office, or business. The best way to outgrow them is by monitoring and analyzing their steps, mistakes, and strategic goals.

Over 73% of companies spend more than 20% of their total IT spending on intelligence and data analytics.

There are high chances your competitors are among them. eCommerce businesses can acquire extraordinary insight into the industry around them by investing minimal time and money in an Amazon product crawler that supports efficient product data collection. Product data of your business competitors can help you make the right decisions that can make your company more competitive in the market. The practice of collecting data through the Amazon price crawler and examining your competitors’ products to determine their strengths, flaws, and current market position can help you improve your sales on Amazon.

2. Evaluate Product Ranking And Reviews

Among millions of products on Amazon, how are you going to evaluate the ranking and reviews of a particular product? The simplest answer is Data. Obtaining product ranking data through an Amazon product crawler can help you understand the elements that affect the ranking of products. Post-data collection you can also find negative and positive reviews effectively to make strategies that will improve the sales of your products.

Reviews also help you understand customer sentiments and make changes accordingly to improve your customer experience. This will eventually improve your business growth. Don’t allow your sales to slip away because of competition with better reviews! Make use of an Amazon product crawler coded in Python and get a leg up on your competition right now!

3. Achieve Market Intelligence

Sellers need to research industry data to achieve market intelligence and determine the most lucrative niche to sell products on Amazon. A solid market intelligence plan provides your company with a constant bird’s-eye view of the market. And, with a bird’s-eye view of the market, your company can stay flexible in uncertain marketplaces, rotating swiftly as needed.

Scraping Amazon data with the help of an Amazon price crawler will assist you to achieve market intelligence to refine your internal product selection and make the best use of your manufacturing resources. Today’s customers demand a tailored experience, which you can’t provide unless you have access to quality data. You should learn about your customers’ beliefs and views and try to align yours with theirs.

4. Assessing prices

The market price of a product is influenced by competition, the more in demand a product is, the more the customer will pay and the more money a business will make. The key to expanding your eCommerce business is to beat your competitors, and one method to do so is to set your product prices competitively. Furthermore, eCommerce businesses must keep a close watch on their competitors’ pricing strategies while retaining key aspects that determine an organization’s profitability.

Price is a vital factor affecting the buying decision of a customer. Thus, collecting prices through the Amazon price crawler can help you build strategies to price your products in accordance with current market demands and business profits. An Amazon product crawler built on Python language streamlines your data collection process and brings accuracy.

When it comes to marketing and product ideas, purchase confirmations, and any other type of communication between your customer and a company, over 63% of consumers say they anticipate personalized services from the organizations they engage with.

High-quality Amazon data collection with the help of an Amazon product crawler enables you to satisfy customer expectations for personalized emails and recommendations. Furthermore, the more you know about the kind of items/services your consumers are interested in, the more likely you are to pitch and complete sales on things they are most likely to buy. An AI-augmented Amazon crawler enables you to extract structured, clean data of your potential audience to help you develop everything personalized from ads to products.

5. Recognize Target Audience

Although Amazon preserves customers’ profiles to a large degree, sellers still want a plan for collecting information about customers who have bought their products. Amazon data can be collected using an Amazon product crawler and used by Amazon retailers to monitor the buying preferences of customers and schedule various product combination sets accordingly, thus improving sales. If you sell shoes, for example, your target audience would be diverse because everyone wears shoes.

Perhaps, on the other side, if you are selling high-performance running shoes, your target market would be more specialized — top athletes aged 20 to 40 who have an interest in running or other athletic training. By extracting Amazon data of such customers, you can serve customers with better marketing campaigns and products. Using an Amazon crawler coded in Python, extraction of the data of the targeted audience becomes easy.

6. Constructing An Actionable Strategic Plan

Getting the figures is only the first step in a data-driven strategy. The company needs a clear understanding of how the data will lead to significant changes and new investments. Any project must begin with the establishment of defined objectives that are in line with the company’s overarching aim.

Every organization has its own set of goals and objectives, therefore it’s critical for departments and leadership to gather excellent data in order to figure out the most practical and effective ways to expand the business. With quality Amazon data collected through an Amazon product crawler, you can create an actionable strategic plan for company growth. Businesses also receive visibility into how new initiatives are playing out as they harvest data.

Web Scraping vs Web Crawling

● Web scraping:

Web scraping is a technique for extracting huge amounts of data from websites and exporting it to a local workstation in XML, Excel, or SQL format. Web scrapers are the technologies that are used to scrape data from the internet. They can extract data from any website in a fraction of the time based on the requirements provided.

Data scraping automation is quite beneficial for someone who wants to gather data for machine learning and other purposes. Businesses or individuals selling on Amazon can automate the entire process of data scraping using a data scraper and build a robust data pipeline for marketing, strategy development, and decision making.

● Web crawling:

Web crawling is similar to spider crawling, except that the site of crawling is the web! It essentially visits a website and reads web pages in order to create entries for search engine indexing. Web crawlers, often known as spiders, are the instruments that are used for web crawling. A set of online pages is reviewed, and links to the pages on those pages are then followed for more linkages, resulting in a deep search for information extraction. Businesses involved in Amazon product selling can make use of a smart Amazon product crawler to extract quality information within seconds.


With the incredible capabilities of the Amazon product crawler, one can surely build an extensive database of Amazon data and use it to improve business. Not only does it help you grow business, but also gives valuable insights that can provide you with essential information to sustain your business in the long run. Today, every Amazon seller uses such data scraping or crawling tools to build their business on Amazon. It’s your time to go data-driven and get surprising growth results.

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