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Leverage APISCRAPY’s Data-as-a-service [Daas] For Web Scraping

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In this modern era of business growth and competition, ‘Data’ plays a vital role. Internet is now available to billions of people throughout the world.

The overall number of people utilizing the internet increased from 8% of the population in 2001 to 49% of the population in 2017.

Every online activity we perform creates new information which turns into data.

User-generated data accounts for 70% of all data on the planet.

Businesses in every industry want to use user-generated data to track markets, monitor trends, analyze audience sentiments, manage resources, and more. Indeed, we generate data at such an alarming rate that we’ve had to coin new terms like Zettabyte to describe it.

Statistics say that the total amount of data in the digital cosmos now exceeds 44 Zettabytes.

The amount of data available on the internet is so big that standard data processing technologies can’t manage it. It has become a challenge for companies to collect, organize, process, and utilize big data without proper technology.

 Data As A Service

What Data As A Service?

When we talk of advanced data solutions, Data as a Service (DaaS) figures as the most prominent one. DaaS is basically a subscription-based model in which customers pay for a set of services or specific services. DaaS providers help companies overcome the challenge of extracting big data from the digital landscape. Data as a service (DaaS) is a data management strategy that relies on the cloud to give users access to data, data storage, integration, processing, and analytics through a network connection.

Data as a Service (DaaS) helps in the management of data from numerous internal and external sources consistently and effectively. This strategy turns the raw data into useful insights for decision-making and other purposes. DaaS helps in storing data in the cloud and makes it accessible from a variety of devices. DaaS architecture includes; data virtualization, data services, self-service analytics, and data cataloging.

Gartner predicts that the number of users of DaaS will rise by 150% between 2020 to 2030.

It is due to the benefits it offers for a business to grow and thrive.

Undeniable Benefits Of DaaS

The global Data as a Service market is expected to develop at a significant CAGR reaching revenue of 10.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.

Furthermore, the worldwide Data as a Service market is growing because of the adoption of high-speed internet network infrastructure that allows users to access data regardless of their location. DaaS has numerous important advantages compared to on-premises data storage and administration.

 Data As A Service

1. Monetize On Data

Data as a service, or DaaS, is becoming a popular option for –

  • Data collection
  • Integration
  • Administration
  • Storage
  • Analytics

Today, many enterprises depend on the cloud to update their infrastructure and reduce their workloads. The concept of monetizing data is appealing as alternative data marketplaces continue to rise rapidly. If you believe your datasets have substantial-worth and are concerned that it’s too delicate to monetize, choose a trusted Daas provider. With DaaS, users can share data over a network and monetize it. By obtaining granular insights, you can gain complete control over your most sensitive data assets while avoiding future compliance issues.

2. Gain Financial Flexibility

DaaS leverages the cloud’s flexibility to help businesses save time and money while helping them develop their IT infrastructure to support a hybrid business operation model. Users can increase or decrease their data needs at the push of a button. Users only pay for what they need rather than gathering and storing unnecessary information. Data as a Service allows businesses to balance their investment and operational expenditures.

3. No Unnecessary Investment

There is no need to invest in employees or infrastructure for a data management plan; the resources generally outweigh the expenses of obtaining data on demand. With DaaS, you can make your in-house resources more productive while also making use of the cloud to expand your company’s digital infrastructure,

Possibly saving up to 56% on yearly hardware costs.

4. Mitigate Risks

It’s obvious to feel anxious to set up a business infrastructure with all the necessary data on the vulnerable endpoints. Believe it or not, setting up a business function on an uncertain cloud platform can put corporate security at risk. Threats are growing more complex, making cybersecurity and data protection measures more vital than ever. Although data-related risks are growing, so are the measures of data protection. While you should be aware of the risks, they should not deter you from switching to a DaaS provider.

The ideal DaaS supplier will prioritize data security while keeping you in compliance with data governance standards such as GDPR. You can reduce unnecessary data security risks by acting with caution and hiring professionals. A trusted Data as a Service provider will mitigate all the risks associated with data collection, storage, integration, and processing.

5. Data-Driven Decisions

Making decisions solely on our guesses is problematic. You will move with momentum when you operate an intelligent business and use data to make insight-centric decisions.

Improved efficiency is cited as the main advantage of data analytics by 63% of businesses, while more effective decision-making is cited by 57%.

Each business has a different aim, which necessitates the monitoring of data points and collection of insights to make decisions. A Data as a Service provider is proficient in extracting the most relevant data points to accelerate data-driven decision-making in a business. They assist businesses in extracting quality data that they can utilize to rapidly, systematically, and strategically tailor business processes and deliver experiences.

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Applications Of DaaS In Key Business Sectors

The rapidly growing appetite of businesses to gain a competitive advantage with the help of data, combined with the challenges of managing an increasingly complex and heterogeneous data landscape, has increased the demand for Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) among diverse business industries.

The worldwide data as a service market is expected to be worth USD 5.4 billion in 2021 and to increase at a CAGR of 14% from 2021 to 2030.

DaaS allows users to obtain specific valuable data on demand, regardless of an organization’s structural or geographical constraints. Due to this, businesses from different industries are applying it to their processes.

 Data As A Service

Sales And Marketing

Businesses can leverage Data as a Service to collect data on a large scale for analyzing the market, monitoring competitors, finding new market trends, and understanding customers’ sentiments which can be used to align sales and marketing efforts in a business.

Aligning sales and marketing might help your organization close deals 67% faster.

Data-driven sales and marketing efforts are more likely to become successful in this competitive business landscape.

Supply Chain And Inventory Management

Data as a Service is a highly secure process of gathering, converting, and distributing useful data between the source (one to many) and the destination (one to many). DaaS transforms supply chain data and flow complexity and turbocharges the process. Users can use the cloud to securely store and exchange inventory, production, and demand/supply data, as well as build an automated supply chain.

Shift Expenses From Capital To Operational

The primary benefit of Data as a Service is, of course, financial. It shifts expenses from capital expenditures CapEx to operating expenses OpEx. Competitive industrial standards compel companies to incur significant capital expenditure to upgrade their data management and analytics equipment; this is especially tough given that companies nowadays do not always have the extra money to spend on the upgradation of non-revenue generating operations.

The DaaS model enables businesses to access data from a variety of sources to power innovative applications and digital systems. DaaS eliminates the requirement for on-premise software installation and management. It allows businesses to outsource data storage, integration, processing activities, and analytics to the cloud.

Product Manufacturing Optimization

Data as a Service (DaaS) is a data management strategy aimed at using data as a corporate asset to improve the entire product and manufacturing process. It’s one of the many “as a service” options that have grown in popularity as the internet has expanded. Users all around the world use DaaS to collect, analyze, and act on data to improve the product manufacturing process. Better controls and product quality arise from optimized manufacturing procedures.

Corporate Decision Making

According to a recent BI-Survey, 58% of respondents stated they don’t make data-driven business decisions and instead rely on gut feelings or experience for at least half of their daily decisions.

If you want to make a smart, risk-free decision in your business, then you need to implement a culture of data-driven decision-making in your business. Businesses that resort to Data as a Service always make more agile decisions. Data scientists that choose a trusted DaaS provider have direct access to data in real-time that they can use to do any necessary data transformations, monitoring and integration dynamically.

Research And Development

Marketers benefit greatly when they gather, analyze, and preserve all of the user-specific data, allowing for more unified and unambiguous market research. Consumer insights and research options are achieved through data as a service. These insights will help marketing teams build more refined solutions for strengthening customer connections. Data as a Service also makes it simple to compare your performance with your competitors. Business marketers can collect data on financials, turnover, and leadership activities, back everything up with percentile breakdowns, and run deep research, all thanks to easy, worldwide access to corporate data.

Human Resources

Data has grown pervasive, infiltrating every aspect of corporate life. Big data affects so many aspects of business operations and can provide detailed insight into processes. Human resources are no exception. HR departments can better manage the talent under their control by implementing big data effectively. Using Data as a Service will help you identify which recruiting process is productive and which isn’t. Internal recruiting efforts will be prioritized above external endeavors if a business discovers that internal recruitment is more successful than online job boards.

Why Employ DaaS For Web Scraping?

In this contemporary, tech-driven digital landscape, the smart use of web data is powering the rise of enterprises. To move your company ahead, you’ll need clever web data insights. This information is dispersed among hundreds of websites of varying degrees of sophistication. Businesses these days have a lot more data to scrape for a given project. So, instead of a DIY scraper or a scraping tool, outsourcing Data as a Service provider is the right choice. DaaS outsources most data storage, integration, and processing functions to the cloud, much as SaaS eliminates the need to install and operate applications locally.

Let’s see why companies should leverage DaaS for their web scraping requirements –

 Data As A Service

1. Saves You Money And Resources

The most common motivation for outsourcing IT operations is to free up resources to focus on core business (49%). Saving money is a secondary consideration, but it is still critical.

Data as a Service application won’t drain your business capital and energy of resources. You don’t need to smoke your head thinking about hiring expert resources and setting up an entire data scraping infrastructure. By giving the responsibility of data collection and management to the experts, your cost reduces significantly since you will not hire experts and create an in-house setup to build a DIY web scraping tool. Furthermore, you will notice that you have less work and fewer worries. The analysis half, which is vital to you as a business owner, will take up more time and energy.

2. High Flexibility For Custom Solutions

When you build your own data scraper for web scraping, there is a limitation to customization. This constraint may have an impact on the quality and efficiency of the data you get. But when you employ Data as a Service provider, you will have more flexibility to get customized solutions. You can scale up and down your data needs and it will be fulfilled by the service provider very easily. No matter what kind of data you want to collect, the DaaS company will fulfill your requirements without having you spend time on writing codes or building software.

3. Fast And Large Scale Scraping

A company offering Data as a Service has access to advanced tools, technologies, and expertise that make a large-scale collection of data from complex platforms extremely effortless and fast. If you build a data scraper in-house, it would need rich expertise and modern tools which is an expensive call. Building your own data scraper would also affect the focus and time of your resources. Working with poor technology, coping with security risks, and a lack of energy efficiency all contribute to poorer productivity. Also, sometimes it’s very hard to build the right technology that can accelerate the process of large-scale data collection from web sources.

4. Accuracy And Consistency Of Outcome

A DIY data scraper might deliver the required data to the user, but the quality and accuracy of data may vary. Today, many websites employ anti-scraping technology which is hard for a standard data scraper to evade. Sometimes anti-scraping technology breaks a poorly built data scraper which makes data collection a time taking process. You’d possibly be able to get it right by choosing a trusted Data as a Service provider. They well-formatted, ready-to-use, accurate data with consistency.

5. Data Cleaning And Filtering

A DaaS provider also takes the responsibility of cleaning the data and filtering duplicate and obsolete data out of the database to deliver ready-to-consume data. If you use a self-developed scraping tool or write codes, you’ll have to clean up a lot of data before using it. However, with a service, you won’t have to worry about data cleanup because it’s included. The final data will be in a plug-and-play format, allowing you to concentrate on more critical elements.

6. Reliable For Support And Maintenance

Data scraping tool management and maintenance consume a significant portion of an organization’s annual budget. DaaS relieves the load on internal teams and enhances profitability, whether it’s device procurement, deployment, or maintenance. Data as a Service provider offers reliable customer support and maintenance. An expert is available 24×7 to provide support to the customers. Also, they have their own IT infrastructure to manage and update data scraping tools so that users can get quality data consistently on time.

Why Choose APISCRAPY For DaaS Web Scraping?

Your company needs a reliable web data extraction partner. A DIY web scraping tool is not a suitable solution for the reasons listed above. In a nutshell, there are many limitations in data scraping, management, integration, and processing, if you do it without any expert help. It’s preferable to work with a Data as a Service provider to optimize ROI and reduce risk. If you want to enrich your database by collecting data from complex and big websites and applications, you can turn to Data as a Service provider, APISCRAPY.


Even the smallest competitive edge in terms of managing and working with data can become a difference-maker as organizations compete for market share and try to establish a strong foothold. DaaS is well-positioned to deliver the capabilities that today’s data-driven businesses demand. Within the shortest period, one can get well-structured, clean, filtered, ready-to-use data if one chooses an expert DaaS provider.

DaaS is one of the most convenient methods that a business can choose to relieve the stress of building and maintaining its own data infrastructure. Choose APISCRAPY for customized data solutions according to your needs. No matter which industry you are in if you require data feel free to connect with APISCRAPY.

APISCRAPY provides accurate, high-quality data to help businesses understand their market better and find ways how they can improve their competitiveness. They assist you in making educated decisions to expand your organization by making the use of dynamic technology. If you need help with your data scraping project, connect with APISCRAPY for Data As A Service help. You will grow and thrive with APISCRAPY’s DaaS web scraping.

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