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APISCRAPY’s AI-Driven Data Extraction for Your Company’s Growth

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is an advanced branch of computer science concerned with developing intelligent tools that can accomplish success in tasks that would normally need human intelligence. It is one of the fastest-growing technologies employed by large business sectors all around the world.

In the year 2015, just 10% of organizations were either already using artificial intelligence or had plans for using it in the near future. Moving forward to 2019, the number rose to 37%, which means one in three organizations are either using artificial intelligence or have plans to implement it, states the Gartner, 2019 report.

With the growing implementation of artificial intelligence among organizations, no one would be surprised to know the market size of AI.

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AI Implementation In Data Extraction

One of the most common processes where businesses are implementing AI is data extraction. Automated web scraping is done through a data extractor that collects data from multiple websites automatically. Simple bots may get the job done, but the advanced website data extractors employ AI to locate relevant data on a frequently changing website and export it to the data pipeline in a structured format for processing by an analytics programme.

Websites are designed to be human-readable rather than machine-readable, making data extraction at scale difficult. Anyone who has tried to collect data manually understands how tough it can be. Users end up facing hurdles while collecting data and producing databases full of mistakes, missing fields, and duplicates.

A data scraper empowered with AI technology resolves all the common problems associated with data extraction. Integration of AI in data extraction technology works similarly to humans but at a faster speed and higher accuracy. The AI-powered tool continues to learn and adapt to diverse web environments.

Artificial Intelligence Empowering Data Extraction

The growing use of AI in the process of data extraction shows that there are plenty of advantages to be reaped. Improved productivity is one of the most amazing benefits of AI-supported data extraction since AI can handle boring, repetitive, and regular work, leaving employees to focus on more important tasks.

According to statistics, 61% of workers feel that implementing AI in the workplace has increased their productivity.

Effective use of an AI-powered data extractor also helps with improved collaboration in the workplace.

If you use a standard website data extractor, there are high chances that it will fail to meet your expectations, since enterprise-level data scraping projects require the collection of data on a large scale from complicated websites like Amazon or Facebook. Enterprise-grade web scraping requires an additional set of functionalities and capabilities, which AI augmentation can provide.

How AI Augmentation Can Be A Game-Changer?

AI strengthens the process of data mining in emerging business sectors like eCommerce, E-Learning, Pharmaceuticals, and Fintech. In fact, there are smart tools like amazon data extractor or Google maps data extractor using AI technology to collect data from a specific platform working on a massive scale.

Businesses riding on the back of cheap and outdated data extraction tools experience trouble collecting meaningful and actionable data. The adoption of AI is the fastest way a business can implement automation in its data extraction process.

This should come as no surprise, given how data influences decision-making. This can impact on sales and marketing strategies and even more important initiatives like business development and expansion. When AI and automated data extraction are integrated, higher data accuracy, process efficiency, scalability and flexibility are achieved. With AI, data extraction takes a leap of possibilities.

Here Are A Few Instances Of How AI Augmentation Can Be A Game-Changer For Data Extraction

AI is likely to substantially change the entire data scraping game. Business establishments are seeing unprecedented data explosions in today’s digital landscape. With the implementation of an AI-augmented data extractor in your business system, a lot of things will become effortless and less time-consuming –

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AI-Backed Resilient Scraping

When you opt for an AI-powered data extractor, you add value to your data scraping process. AI gives the power to a website data extractor to collect errors, duplication-free, ready-to-use data. The tool applies expertise similar to humans and adapts to digital environments quickly to complete the data extraction task. The difficult task of data extraction has been made easier and more efficient by the AI-augmented data collection tools.

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Every three out of four businesses (78%) believe it is critical for AI findings to be “fair, safe, and dependable” (IBM, 2019). Even more of them (83%) emphasize comprehending its algorithm.

Nothing can ever match the strength of AI because the technology is so flexible that it notices its environment and takes actions accordingly to achieve goals. It mimics human cognitive skills and has self-learning and problem-solving abilities. AI abilities are important to implement in the data scraping process since the technology is centered to deliver something worth analyzing and using.

Improves The Structure Of Data

If you want to collect data from an eCommerce platform like Amazon, it will take years to collect and structure the data when you are following manual methods or an outdated amazon data extractor. But an AI-powered data scraper reduces human involvement and minimizes manual data structuring and maintenance.

Using traditional web scraping methods, you can’t collect structured, machine-readable data but if you integrate an automated, AI-based data extractor with your business system, you can collect well-formatted, ready-to-use data.

Structured data, also known as quantitative data, is well-organized and easy for the machines to understand. Structured data is stored in tabular formats (such as Excel sheets, JSON, or CSV) that take up less space. Such data does not need a thorough grasp of the various forms of data and how they work.

Users can readily access and analyze data if they have a structured database. A set of rules are applied by the tool to improve the data quality and organize it in a machine-readable way. Rather than focusing on a single process, AI models allow bots to master a variety of tasks, and data structuring is one of them.

Avoid Traditional Web Scraper Traps

The common trap that appears in the way of a data extractor when it crawls a website is pattern changes, CAPTCHAs, IP blockage, changing UI and code structure, JavaScript-based dynamic content, Honeypot traps, etc. All the anti-scraping measures can accidentally break a website data extractor.

The terrible aspect of web scraping is that your bot will be banned by a server. As a result, it’s no surprise that sustaining a high success rate in search engine scraping is difficult. It’s a cat-and-mouse game in which the cat has been dynamically enhanced to handle bots cum mouse.

For most enterprises in this field, upgrading the mouse with AI would go a long way. As websites improve their flagging algorithms with behavioral and fingerprinting-based detection, businesses are advised to use AI to increase the success rate of data gathering. AI technology helps the user reach 100% data collection success rates, since it has the potential to evade all types of web traps and measures.

Today, 63% of consumers believe AI will be able to tackle all kinds of complicated problems in the future. And they are not wrong!

Scrape Frontend As Well As Backend Data

An AI-powered data extractor can pull both frontend and backend data from web pages without causing any interruption. How this feature of AI automation is unique? We’ll explain through an example. If you’re looking at Amazon book reviews, you’ll need to figure out where they’re stored in the backend code. Manually, it’s tough and time-consuming.

Only an AI-powered, dynamic amazon data extractor can automatically highlight both frontend and backend material. AI technology makes browsing and searching across enormous tracks of data much simpler. AI tools crawl websites to the core and scrape all their data, no matter how complicated or easy the code is. Many data analysts use AI-supported data extraction tools as their primary tools. Maybe this is the reason why

The number of businesses employing AI increased by 270% from 2015 to 2019.

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Unique Benefits Of AI Data Extraction

Today, worldwide technology spending is estimated to be between $5.3 and $5.5 trillion. New Age Technologies account for over 10% of the total. This percentage might rise to 30% by 2025.

AI is one such technology that is making its way into this ever-evolving world. Today, AI is used widely in the data extraction processes. Businesses can implement AI-supported data extractors in their processes and obtain undeniable benefits, such as –

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1. Automated Processes That Increase Employee Productivity

There is ample data spread across the internet, out of which we are able to collect only 10-20%. Organizations need to automate their data collection process in order to achieve high productivity while also balancing the cost. Implementing an AI-supported data extractor is the best way to increase the productivity of employees without spending much. An advanced website data extractor works efficiently and crawls millions of pages in minutes to collect data on a large scale.

61% of employees state that AI helps them be more productive at work.

Due to its higher productivity, Businesses are rapidly implementing automation in their data extraction process

2. High Scalability

Businesses and governments are adopting AI to enhance operations, solve issues, and increase efficiency. Using an AI-based data extractor, users have the extra advantage of collecting data on a large scale at once. AI can learn, adapt, and scale to handle millions of web pages as well as any digital changes that may arise during the process. For instance, if you want to extract data from platforms like Amazon, doing it manually is just next to impossible since the platform has a massive collection of data from all around the world. Using an AI-assisted amazon data extractor, you can extract all the Amazon data in the fastest possible way. AI gives data extractors the strength to adjust according to the requirements and changing digital environments.

3. Reduces Human Errors

For high-quality end-results, high-quality data is required. There are various flaws and biases that can occur throughout the data gathering process, leading to millions of incorrect decisions by an individual. Bias and errors are often unintentional, but we are sometimes unaware of them and ignore them. When AI is employed in the data extraction process, data is collected without errors and with high accuracy that is way above human-level.

To achieve precision in the collected datasets, choose an AI-powered website data extractor and save yourself from the hectic process of data duplication and cleansing. This value alone is enough to make AI the most popular technology among businesses because it not only collects data in bigger quantities in real-time, but also does with more accuracy.

4. Decreases Risks And Operational Costs

Web scraping is getting difficult day by day, but it does not mean companies will stop obtaining public data. Companies require data to function, and AI web scraping excels where traditional web scraping fails. While AI-powered data extractor seems costly to implement, they save a lot of money. AI solutions can reduce the expense of initiating data gathering as they have learned to operate autonomously.

According to artificial intelligence facts and figures, 44% of companies that use AI claim lower business costs in areas where AI is used (McKinsey, 2019).

Additionally, these tools do not require ongoing maintenance like traditional web scraping tools, which will save businesses capital. No expertise or advanced infrastructure is required to operate AI-powered data extractors.

APISCRAPY’s AI-Augmented Data Extractor

Put data scraping on autopilot with APISCRAPY’s advanced AI-augmented data extractor engineered by experts. Data scraper undoubtedly is a blessing for businesses seeking to implement quick automation. A user can easily integrate APISCRAPY’s advanced website data extractor to business functions and scrape data from a desirable source.

Data is delivered in a structured format like JSON, XML, or CSV, so the user can integrate the structured data with a marketing or analysis system quite easily and efficiently. The best thing about the data scraper is that it is beginner-friendly and straightforward. With a friendly user interface, anyone can easily scrape web data and that too without writing codes.

Users can extract all the relevant data from a desirable web source evading all the anti-scraping traps that are very commonly employed by websites in order to stop bots from scraping their data. APISCRAPY has empowered its data scrapers with AI technology to help businesses extract relevant and error-free data. From data cleansing to filtering duplicate data out, the scraper handles everything without human interference. Accurate and valuable data collected with the help of APISCRAPY’s AI-assisted data scraper can be used for –

  • Ecommerce Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Equity Research,
  • Market Monitoring,
  • Product Optimization,
  • Competitor Analysis,
  • Sentiment Analysis,
  • Digital Marketing Efforts,
  • Trend Research

According to a survey done in late 2020, 41% of respondents noticed an improvement in revenue growth and enhanced performance as a result of using AI in their marketing initiatives.

Leverage the strength of an AI-supported data extractor and see your business growing. Because when you make decisions based on high-quality data instead of instincts, you achieve high accuracy in your efforts. As far as high-quality data is concerned, businesses, researchers, and analysts must choose APISCRAPY’s AI-supported data extraction tools to deliver best results.

Top 5 Industries Where Automated Data Scraping Is Used:

Data scraping offers growth potential and possibilities to diverse business industries around the globe. Many businesses use AI-augmented data extractors in order to collect as much information as possible with high accuracy and efficiency. Without the assistance of an automated tool, it’s just impossible to collect enormous data from the internet when

2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created each day.

Companies with smart data strategies have evolved and gradually converted themselves into a brand that has a durable market position and is widely known all around the world. Here are the top 5 business sectors that are operating successfully by extracting data automatically.

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1. Real Estate

Many people believe that real estate investments provide the most beneficial returns while minimizing risk. However, it is a fiercely competitive market, with several factors influencing prospective investment possibilities and returns. Thanks to real estate data scraping practice, it is now feasible to examine key influencers in the real estate sector and gamble on data-backed decisions.

In reality, established-market players are already collecting large-scale data using an advanced data extractor for determining property worth, monitoring vacancy rates, calculating rental yields, understanding the real estate fluctuation period, finding customer demands, and projecting economic direction, to mention a few. They are also using Google maps data extractor to extract location-wise data on property in an automated manner. Technical advancements in data collection had played a significant role in revolutionizing the real estate industry’s processes.

2. Banking And Finance

Emerging financial bodies are separating themselves from established financial institutions by leveraging big data to anticipate customer behavior and conduct sophisticated risk assessments. So, they demand the digitization of data extraction in order to improve decision-making. Automated data extraction technology makes data gathering accurate and efficient for banking and finance entities.

Collecting user-generated data from Fintech platforms at a large scale to predicting consumer behavior and developing strategies is easier with an AI-powered data extractor. In a long run, tools for automated data extraction save money by offering efficiency that human approaches would have incurred.

3. E-commerce

To establish an eCommerce business like Amazon or eBay, the platforms selling many things online, one must contact and rely on several vendors for product information on all items in various categories. Without automation, collecting that data on a large scale is next to impossible. So, eCommerce businesses are automating their data extraction process by employing an AI-augmented data extractor.

The automated data extraction is easy, efficient, and accurate. Businesses are choosing dynamic Amazon data extractors to collect large-scale data in a predefined format specifically from Amazon since the platform holds a massive collection of product-related data.

4. Education

As big data has become more prevalent in educational settings, new data-driven techniques to enhance informed decision-making and initiatives to improve educational efficacy have emerged. Digital traces of student activity offer a more scalable and fine-grained understanding and support of learning processes, which were previously too expensive to gather using standard data sources and approaches.

Educational institutions like colleges, universities, and schools are employing AI-supported data extractors in order to collect well-formatted, accurate student data from diverse web platforms. Research pieces are also based on data more accurately.

5. Information Technology

The worldwide information technology (IT) industry is predicted to develop at a CAGR of 11.2% from $8,384.32 billion in 2021 to $9,325.69 billion in 2022.

Data definitely plays a big role in this growth. Manual data extraction is not just time-taking or inaccurate, but monotonous too. As the quantity of data is rising year after year, it becomes increasingly difficult to aggregate all of the data points vital to IT organizations. Manual data extraction is time-consuming, and most businesses are searching for ways to automate it.

The IT sector has been using data at a large scale but this big data can only be obtained using a data extractor. A smart, cutting-edge website data extractor powered by AI helps IT companies set up data extraction on an autopilot mode. It uses powerful computer vision technology to understand every piece of a file, hence increasing accuracy and confidence in your data.


A business can collect massive data in real-time without any error or difficulty if it uses a smart AI-augmented data extractor with rich features. APISCRAPY offers a wide range of data extractors, be it an Amazon data extractor or a Google maps data extractor for business as well as individual purposes. With all of the technical jargon, it may appear that data extraction software is difficult to set up and operate. However, APISCRAPY provides a smart data scraper with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to locate and obtain the data user desires.

The automatic data extraction system designed by the professionals of APISCRAPY does not require any coding knowledge. In fact, some interfaces are point and click, making it simple to browse websites and collect data by crawling their frontends as well as backends to the core. You can choose a data scraper that meets both your needs and your degree of comfort. Streamline the collection of data from diverse web sources by employing smart, AI-augmented, rich-featured data scrapers from APISCRAPY.

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APISCRAPY is a scalable data scraping (web & app) and automation platform that converts any data into ready-to-use data API. The platform is capable to extract data from websites, process data, automate workflows and integrate ready to consume data into database or deliver data in any desired format. APISCRAPY practice provides capabilities that help create highly personalized digital experiences, products and services. Our RPA solutions help customers with insights from data for decision-making, improve operations efficiencies and reduce costs. To learn more, visit us

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