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How APISCRAPY’s Free Web Scraping Tools Helped Forbes AI-50 Companies?

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Covid-19 had a terrible impact on many businesses, yet it only served to increase the global adoption of artificial intelligence and automation. Today, AI-enabled software, apps and tools are shrouded in a thick layer of hype and hazy language.

Nearly every industry now relies on artificial intelligence technology, and some businesses are going beyond to use it in truly revolutionary ways and these are Forbes AI-50 companies.

  	Free Web Scraping Tool Online

IDC, a research organization, predicts that by 2024, investments in AI research and applications would reach $500 billion. Furthermore, PwC estimates that by 2030, AI would contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy.

Companies with an AI emphasis are using technology in novel ways, creating their own innovations, and helping other businesses integrate AI into their business models.

Talking about data collection, these companies are getting assistance from APISCRAPY’s free web scraping tool online. APISCRAPY has a wide collection of 10k pre-built and AI-powered free scraping tools for every business need. Using our data scrapers, businesses are getting a helping hand in the process of large scale data collection.

APISCRAPY’s Free Web Scraping Tool Online for Forbes AI-50 Companies

We at APISCRAPY are serving diverse sectors including eCommerce, real estate, travel, etc. Once you integrate a smart Google scraping tool with your business, a lot of problems associated with large-scale Google data collection will be resolved. Since our free web scraping tool online is powered by AI technology, glitches, errors, duplicates, delays, and blockages are completely eradicated.

APISCRAPY provides high-quality and easy-to-access free Google web crawler and scraping tools that can convert any type of web or app data into structured and ready-to-use information. Our prominent clients include some of the top Forbes AI-50 companies and our free web scraping tool online have proven to be of great help for these companies over the years. Let us see how: –

Free Web Scraping Tool Online

1. High-Quality Data

Poor data can significantly reduce team productivity and sabotage businesses.

Depending on the industry and region, poor data quality can cost companies anywhere from $9.7 million to $14.2 million annually.

With insufficient data quality, businesses have a hard time verifying whether the data they are using for analysis is accurate or not.

Forbes AI-50 companies found the solution in the form of APISCRAPY’s free scraping tools. They are reliable data sources helping users to get quality data from various sites and online platforms. Delivering high-quality data, our AI-powered free web scraping tool online enrich your database for accurate analysis, monitoring, and decision-making. By choosing our beginner-friendly, straightforward and free web scraping tool online, anyone can export accurate, high-quality data of their choice and build a smart data-driven business.

2. Improved Efficiency

It appears that businesses are using big data more than ever before. How? Mainly because it greatly enhances their analysis abilities, which in turn results in a better balance between business productivity, development, and cost.

Modern corporate procedures, such as data collection, are riddled with time-consuming yet mindless chores. Here comes automation into the picture.

With automation, users can streamline and optimize mundane tasks like data collection and storage processes. For those who are aware of the advantages of workflow automation, it should come as no surprise that important business operations like data collection are being replaced by it.

APISCRAPY’s Google web crawler tool or data scraper chosen by Forbes AI-50 companies brings complete automation to their process of data extraction. With manual efforts being minimized, the speed, productivity, and accuracy automatically improve to a great extent. We provide free web scraping tool online so that your in-house professionals can focus on important and strategic activities, rather than repetitive mundane work.

3. Making Big Savings

According to 57% of IT leaders, automation technology saves 10-50% on corporate expenditures associated with manual operations.

One of the most automated operations today has become data collection. Without automation, it’s not just time-consuming, but also expensive.

Large AI-driven businesses are making big savings with the integration of APISCRAPY’s web and Google scraping tool. Since it automates the entire business function, the manual data collection process that requires manpower is eradicated quickly.

Automation, according to 31% of company leaders, helps lower labor expenses.

Along with the collection, APISCRAPY’s free web scraping tool online also handles data filtering. The need for establishing an infrastructure for the development and management of a data scraper is also reduced to a great extent when a business uses our free pre-built data scraper.

4. Minimize Time Spent On Data Cleaning

The essential part of generating value from web scraping is cleaning the data so that it can be analyzed quickly. The process of deleting incorrect data points from a dataset is referred to as ‘cleaning.’ AI-powered free scraping tools by APISCRAPY create a solid database for businesses by quickly delivering ready-to-use data.

The scraper cleans data and filters out duplicates to make it flawless and ready to analyze. The reduction of time spent on data cleaning entices Forbes AI-50 companies to use our free web scraping tool online. The rich AI functionality of our data scrapers handles it all for you.

Automating the data collection process with our free web scraping tool online helps organizations manage the quality of data better. Deeper insights from well-cleansed data enable businesses to make informed decisions.

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5. Large Scale Data Collection

Big data has become one of the most valuable assets owned by businesses, and almost every significant Forbes AI-50 company is investing in big data efforts.

Today, the ideal way to get access to large-scale data is a web or Google scraping tool from APISCRAPY. Crawling millions of web pages in minutes, it captures all the data at a large scale and delivers it to your database for quick analysis. When such large-scale data is at hand, it helps in making effective strategies and taking more informed and success-driven decisions.

Whether building a positive customer experience, brand reputation, communication strategies, or new business growth opportunities, using a free web scraping tool online assists you in large-scale data scraping that supports it all.

6. Lead Generation

Data collection is an ideal way to generate potential leads for the growth of a company. By collecting contact details and email addresses of internet users from various web sources, a business builds a solid database of potential leads that later turn into potential customers with the help of targeted advertisement and marketing.

Today, Forbes AI-50 companies are choosing free web scraping tools online from APISCRAPY in order to generate leads that are then further analyzed and segmented to target specific sections of users for effective and targeted communication. Your marketing efforts pay off when you have access to quality leads.

We have designed automated web and Google web crawler tools in a way that streamlines the marketing process of a business by delivering premium quality data that can be used to generate leads.

7. Easy Integration

The best thing about our free scraping tools is that they integrate with business systems quite effectively and that is why Forbes AI-50 companies choose them for their data needs. APISCRAPY offers a faster way to move data from web sources into your data warehouse to be visualized quickly in a BI tool.

The data from the scraper tools can directly be sent to the database and the whole system can be cloud integrated with automated reports and intuitive dashboards as well.

Without requiring the user to write a single line of code, our data scraper integrates with apps and software very easily. We offer complete hassle-free solutions to our customers and help them capture web data without putting in a lot of effort.

8. Structured Data Delivery

Only those with the appropriate type of data can effectively traverse the market, make future forecasts, and adjust their company to market trends in a digitally fueled economy. Unfortunately, the majority of the data we produce today is unstructured, which means it has a wide range of shapes, sizes, formats, and other characteristics.

As a result, it is difficult and costly to manage and evaluate, which is why it is a major issue for most businesses.

95% of businesses have need to manage unstructured data, with 40% obliged to do so on a regular basis.

APISCRAPY developed a solution for this. Now one can extract structured, well-formatted data from web sources in the shortest time with the help of our free scraping tools. We are providing a free web scraping tool online to help every business get access to structured data for instant market and trend analysis. We have already reduced all the hassles associated with data scraping by providing feature-rich, advanced tools to Forbes AI-50 Companies.

9. All System Supported

Since you are using our cloud-based, free web scraping tool online, there is no need for implementing a smart specific device. It supports all types of devices and operating systems and makes data collection simply easy.

Eradicating the need to buy a new device or system, our data scraper helps businesses save big. Along with systems, it also supports almost all types of websites and online platforms for scraping, including social media, eCommerce, advertisement, real estate, job portals, news sites, etc.

Coders, non-coders, tech-savvy professionals, non-tech savvy professionals, everybody can use our data scrapers on their system without any special tech knowledge and experience.


We connect with AI in the same way that we interact with our smartphones, through voice assistants, customer service, automated tasks, self-checkout, fraud detection, healthcare choices, and an unlimited number of other unseen applications that touch our everyday lives. Investment in AI has increased to a great extent in today’s time and if you also want to start, do it with data collection.

Implement AI automation in the process of data collection with the assistance of APISCRAPY’s free web scraping tool available online. Our data scraping tools have been used by Forbes AI-50 Companies and helped them achieve high efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in their data collection procedures. Data-driven companies are more dependent on our advanced, feature-rich data scrapers to dive into the ocean of data for getting compelling insight.

AIMLEAP Automation Practice

APISCRAPY is a scalable data scraping (web & app) and automation platform that converts any data into ready-to-use data API. The platform is capable to extract data from websites, process data, automate workflows and integrate ready to consume data into database or deliver data in any desired format. APISCRAPY practice provides capabilities that help create highly personalized digital experiences, products and services. Our RPA solutions help customers with insights from data for decision-making, improve operations efficiencies and reduce costs. To learn more, visit us

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