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How is APISCRAPY Using AI to Help eCommerce Data Scraping?

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What is the most important aspect of a successful eCommerce business? Some say it’s high-quality products, while others insist that it’s a smart marketing strategy. I think that the success of an eCommerce store involves combining everything from smart marketing strategies to creating a user-friendly website.

Among tons of existing methods, today we’ll shed light on eCommerce data scraping. It doesn’t matter whether you sell good products or you have a perfectly working eCommerce platform, you can’t run a successful eCommerce store until you make your operations data-driven. But the question is, how?

  Ecommerce Data Scraping

Web Scraping For Data Collection

Data-driven businesses are 19 times more likely to be profitable and 52% better at knowing their consumers, according to studies.

This makes web scraping essential for data-driven businesses, particularly online eCommerce platforms that leverage publicly available data to monitor competitors, track consumers, study markets, and create leads. For businesses that want to get all the possible information about the market, APISCRAPY offers an enterprise-grade eCommerce website scraper that specializes in providing access to structured data from enormous websites in the eCommerce market. The company makes use of a powerful Artificial Intelligence mechanism in its eCommerce scraper that delivers quick and accurate data in the format of the user’s choice.

How APISCRAPY Uses AI To Help eCommerce Data Scraping?

Web scraping supported by AI is crucial for eCommerce businesses since it helps extract information that can be used in developing strategies to compete against their competitors while saving time and cost in the respective process. As the excitement around artificial intelligence grew, APISCRAPY became one of the few tech-based companies that tried their hand at it.

APISCRAPY empowers its eCommerce website scraper with AI technology to help eCommerce companies collect web data in the most efficient and effortless way. AI-supported eCommerce data scraping is an exceptionally powerful way to collect the data relevant to businesses reliably and without any interruption.

  Ecommerce Data Scraping


1. Automate Scraping Process

Automation is not a thing of the future anymore since you now have access to an AI-supported eCommerce website scraper that allows you to achieve more complex data collection goals. AI integration in the eCommerce data scraping process significantly saves time and resources that you put in data scraping since it improves productivity.

According to the McKinsey Institute, automating certain processes may boost productivity by 1.4% every year.

Why not start with data collection? Automated data scraping with the use of an AI-supported data scraper is an ideal way of saving time and money. From scheduling the whole process of web scraping without worrying about quality to saving time on data structuring, you can do a lot by automating the data collection process.

2. Real-Time Data With Greater Accuracy

AI and accuracy always go hand in hand. So, APISCRAPY uses AI in its eCommerce scraper to deliver high-quality data with greater accuracy in real-time. The AI-supported eCommerce data scraping tool generates data results that are correct and help the end-user make precise decisions. It crawls the websites to the core and scrapes out only high-quality data from websites like Amazon and eBay.

It can produce lead data accurately due to its scalpel precision. Since many things in your eCommerce business depend on data, you should never take the risk of analyzing inaccurate data. Accuracy should always be the first priority of eCommerce businesses while collecting data.

3. Eliminate Human Errors

Humans are persistent to make mistakes, some can be fixed but others put certain things at risk. When it comes to collecting mass information by copying and pasting data from eCommerce web pages, businesses must not rely on human resources. It not only wastes money but also leaves data vulnerable to human mistakes.

The error rate for data entering without any verification layer processes might be as high as 4%. That suggests that the mistake rate for data input once and then verified is 400 per 10,000 entries, which is a large figure that affects even tiny datasets.

By using an AI-powered eCommerce website scraper from APISCRAPY, you can eliminate the need of involving humans in eCommerce data scraping and extract data with high speed and precision.

4. Surefire Way To Avoid Getting Blocked

Getting blocked on WhatsApp by your significant other might be frustrating, but have you ever had the experience of being blocked by an eCommerce website while collecting its data? Trust me it’s more frustrating because getting unblocked is tougher. Anti-bot technology, web page structures, IP blocking, CAPTCHA, honeypot traps, and slow/unstable load speed are some common challenges that you might experience while doing eCommerce data scraping.

With AI eCommerce scraper, APISCRAPY makes it easier for the user to avoid getting blocked or experiencing anti-bot technologies and scrape data. AI-powered data scrapers evade all types of anti-scraping hurdles quite effectively and deliver data continuously with speed.

5. Efficient Data Management

APISCRAPY’s AI-assisted eCommerce data scraping tool not only makes scraping easy but also encourages efficient data management. It extracts data in manageable structured pieces from any unstructured document or page and saves them in a format that can be easily integrated into your system. For additional analysis and processing, you may automatically import extracted structured data into your ERP/EHR/CRM or accounting system. With AI, APISCRAPY’s eCommerce website scraper offers operational management of all your web data while providing accuracy, completeness, and reliability.

6. Improved Data Structure

Data can also be structured by AI after scraping to make it easier for other apps to use. Traditional web scraping can’t automatically extract structured data from unstructured pages, but APISCRAPY’s latest advancements in eCommerce scrapers have created AI algorithms that function in a way to humans and continue to learn also.

eCommerce data scraping tools with the power of AI provide data in a structured predefined format like JSON, CSV, and XML. The most significant advantage of structured data is its ease of use by computers and systems. The particular and organized nature makes it simple to manipulate, analyze, and query data. The eCommerce business users now have access to self-service data, thanks to structured data.

7. Data Collection At Scale

If you have a growing business and you think that your data needs are going to increase, then you need an eCommerce website scraper that can extract data at scale. Scraping a single page is simple, but scraping millions of pages is very challenging. APISCRAPY helps you get rid of all types of challenges while doing eCommerce data scraping at scale. Providing a feature-rich, easy-to-use, AI-powered data scraper, data scrapers are making it easier to extract data at scale. Why not give it a try?

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AI-Powered Data Scraping Use Cases In eCommerce

AI-supported eCommerce data scraping has emerged as an important strategy for growth-oriented businesses. It is an effective way of extracting and organizing data from top eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay for further processing and analysis. Using an AI-powered eCommerce website scraper, get desired data in your data pipeline and use it for further analysis for –

  Ecommerce Data Scraping

● Personalized Product Recommendations

Customers are 75% more likely to buy if they receive personalized product recommendations.

The use of product recommendations as part of an eCommerce personalization strategy has become vital. It increases sales and improves your business revenue. With eCommerce data scraping, users can pull data from previous client activity, such as searches, clicks, and transactions (both present and future). Data collected through AI-powered eCommerce website scraper enables companies to get information about the items that other customers desire the most, allowing them to reach out to new customers.

● Pricing Optimization

The practice of determining the best pricing point for a product or service is known as price optimization. It helps the business achieve maximum profitability by balancing value and profit and utilizing market and consumer data. Data from customer surveys and behavior is required to optimize product prices. Using an AI-supported eCommerce scraper, you can extract accurate data that can be used to build a solid pricing strategy. Through eCommerce data scraping, one can collect customer survey and behavior data, demographic and psychographic data, geographical market specifics, historic sales data, operating costs, demand fluctuations, etc.

● Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience has quickly risen to the top of the priority list for businesses all around the world. Customers’ loyalty toward a brand is no longer based on product quality and pricing. Instead, they remain loyal to companies because of the experiences they have had with them.

After just two bad encounters, 86% of customers will leave a brand.

By scraping through social media networks, an eCommerce website scraper makes it easier to acquire essential information about consumers’ preferences, experiences, and views on various products and services. With AI-powered eCommerce data scraping system, it becomes simply efficient to extract quality, structured data and analyze it to build better customer experiences.

● Remarketing Products To Potential Customers

Remarketing, or the practice of targeting customers who have already visited your website, is an important aspect of a company’s digital marketing strategy.

According to a ComScore study, a retargeted display ad is likely to persuade 1000% more consumers to search for a product.

Potential customers visit your eCommerce website but leave without purchasing a product for reasons beyond your control. By evaluating the data of people who have already visited a website, businesses can boost the chances of their remarketing campaign succeeding. They can place an eCommerce scraper empowered by AI technology to scrape data of customers who are visiting their site frequently and serve them with personalized ads. An AI-enabled eCommerce data scraping tool can share accurate data about a user’s journey on your website.

● Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the practice of categorizing consumers into groups based on their purchasing actions, location, age groups, gender, likes, dislikes, etc. so that eCommerce stores can sell products to each group effectively. High-quality data makes customer segmentation accurate. Businesses that rely on AI-supported eCommerce data scraping for data-driven market segmentation get clean and structured data in real-time. Market segmentation is ever-growing due to the growth of data and advanced tools that scrape data to improve the precision of the process.

● Targeted Advertisement

Integrating an AI-powered eCommerce scraper into a web scraping system can help you collect data from a specific geographical zone. It collects data from different IPs and gives information about a customer’s buying path, including search queries, ratings or comments on specific goods, geographic locations, product set-up experience, and seasonal or periodic needs. This information can be used to place targeted advertisements based on consumer behavior, market trends, and geography. The success of targeted ads depends on the relevance of data.

● Sales And Demand Forecasting

What are you doing to stand out from the crowd? If you are saying that you are selling better products, then it’s not enough to stand out. You need to adjust your market strategies by discovering the best marketing practices and predicting future trends. AI-supported eCommerce data scraping is a powerful form of data collection that allows businesses to gather correct information from the internet. Businesses using accurate data are better able to forecast customer demands and sales.

● Product Research

Product research is the process of learning about products on the market and predicting the likelihood of a new product being launched or an old one being modified in terms of features or prices succeeding or failing. Images, descriptions, pricing, reviews, and other product data can be extracted using an AI-assisted eCommerce website scraper. The collected data can be used to identify: high-demand products, features that are beneficial and important to consumers, and market niche ideas.


Want to make your online retail business ready for the future? No, we are not talking about deploying robots to complete tasks. We are talking about becoming data-driven. With eCommerce data scraping you to enrich your data system with quality data and become a data-driven business. Although scraping may appear intimidating, especially if you have no prior coding knowledge, there are AI-powered eCommerce website scrapers that make data collection relatively simple. The entire process is automated and made efficient by data scraping technology.

APISCRAPY is a trusted company offering free AI-powered eCommerce scraper to businesses, researchers and analysts and solving their data scraping problems. With just a few clicks, you can collect accurate data in seconds and make smart decisions.To automate your data scraping process, choose APISCRAPY’s AI-powered, futuristic eCommerce data extractor.

AIMLEAP Automation Practice

APISCRAPY is a scalable data scraping (web & app) and automation platform that converts any data into ready-to-use data API. The platform is capable to extract data from websites, process data, automate workflows and integrate ready to consume data into database or deliver data in any desired format. APISCRAPY practice provides capabilities that help create highly personalized digital experiences, products and services. Our RPA solutions help customers with insights from data for decision-making, improve operations efficiencies and reduce costs. To learn more, visit us

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