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Success partner for supply on-demand data for the last 4+ years

Multiple engagements on data solutions and talent supply for 2+ years
5+ years partnership on Real time data and on-going talent supply
Providing on-demand data and automation solutions
2+ years of on-going engagement – providing research and data solutions
Partner for end-to-end data management and automation services

Experience the ease of accurate data extraction with AI!

Unleash Efficiency with APISCRAPY’s AI-Driven Web Scraping automates precision, ensuring real-time, accurate information. Our innovative solution combines the power of Artificial Intelligence with intuitive automation, ensuring real-time insights without the need for manual intervention.

AI Platform Converts ​
Any websites ​
into ready to use data API ​

  • No coding & No infra required
  • Automation based process
  • Any format data delivery
  • Database integration​

APISCRAPY converts any web data into ready-to-use data API. The platform is capable to extract data from websites, process data, automate workflows, classify data, and integrate ready to consume data into database or deliver data in any desired format.

AI-augmented ​
& Labeling ​

Combining the power of AI with in-person involvement to label, annotate & classify data, and allowing for the faster development of robust and accurate AI models. The platform is capable to label & classify image, text, and video data. ​

  • AI-Based ​Auto-segmentation
  • AI-Powered ​Pre-classification
  • Pre-Trained​Models
  • GPT Based ​Data Labeling
  • In-Person ​& Automated QC
  • Pre-built ​Work-flow automation
  • Synthetic​Data access
  • Real-time​Monitoring

On-demand Data ​
For Building
AI Products & Services​

Al-Data-Hub is an on-demand data hub for curated, pre-annotated, pre-classified data, allowing enterprises to leverage high-quality data for training and developing Al models. The hub is a repository of a variety of on-demand, off-the-shelf, classified, and synthetic data – accessible in any format – including text, image, and video.

  • Pre-Classified​
    Data Access
  • Off-the-Shelf​
    Synthetic Data​
  • Automated ​
    Data Curation
  • Quick ​
  • Human-in-the-Loop ​
  • Al-augmented ​​
    Data Sourcing​

Key Features

  • Access To Pre-classified DataSave time and efforts with pre-classified or pre-annotated data and accelerate Al application development and deployment.
  • On-demand Curated Data Access ​Access diverse datasats from 50+ industries for on-demand data needs and Al model training.
  • Quality Data Via Automation WorkflowsEnsure high-quality data through _ pre-built automation workflows, including quality checks and validation processes.
  • Off-the-Shelf Data Hub Access ​Seamlessly access vast off-the-shelf data for rapid Al mode creation and training ensuring convenience and diversity.
  • Database Integration ReadinessProvide seamless interfaces for diverse databases, enabling efficient data management and accessibilty for Al applications.
  • Any Format & API Based Data DeliveryCustom and APl-based data delivery in desired format allows users to incorporate data into Al pipelines or apps.

Data API Solution Hub​

API-KART is a data API hub that allows businesses and developers to access and integrate large volumes of data from various sources through APIs. It is a data solution hub for accessing data through APIs, allowing companies to leverage data and integrate APIs into their systems and applications.

Our customers leverage API-KART for building AI products, apps, and services, data labeling, sourcing synthetic data, data aggregation, and many more.

  • AI-based APIs
    Developers can use the functionality of pre-trained API models without the need for knowledge of machine learning.
  • On-demand Data
    Access most up-to-date data available from various sources through APIs ensuring the retrieved data is current & reflects latest updates and changes.
  • Real time Dashboard
    Get detailed insights on your API usage data consumption, performance metrics and other relevant analytics.
  • Secure Collaboration​
    Centralized API design & development on single location for developers to
    seamlessly to discover existing APIs or collaborate on new APIs.​
  • Standardized Process
    The powerful editor enables faster design process without losing the quality or consistency of data while providing curated data API.
  • Developer Support Portal​
    Tools & resources that facilitate API integration such as SDKs, code samples, documentation, testing environment and support services.​

Price scraping solution

AI and automation-driven price solution that provides real-time price monitoring, pricing analytics, and dynamic pricing for companies across the world.

Our customers leverage Price-Scrapy for extracting pricing information from various websites and platforms using AI algorithms and web scraping technologies and provide real-time pricing.

  • AI &
    Automation Driven
  • Real-Time
    Price Monitoring
  • Automated
    Price Adjustment
  • Access to
    Historical Price
  • Data Visualization
    & Reporting
  • Scalability
    & Parallel Processing​​
  • Increase in SalesOptimize your pricing and increase your sales with competitive pricing.
  • Increased Customer SatisfactionCcompetitive prices leads to increased loyalty and better customer satisfaction.
  • No Manual LaborDue to automated price monitoring, you save time as well as resources
  • latest Trends AnalysisLGet insights about the latest market trends to make better decisions.
  • Increased EfficiencyAutomated pricing data enables accurate & updated pricing information.
  • Growth in ProfitCompetitive price strategy increases ecommerce income and business revenue.
  • Competitive EdgeMake important business decisions based on real-time pricing data.
  • Identify Revenue OpportunitiesUncover revenue opportunities by identifying pricing gaps.

Receive Your Data in
5 Easy Steps

01. Provide Project Scope

Let us know about your data scraping requirements including URL list with specific data points to be scraped, format of data, frequency of data, etc.

02. Get Sample Data

Our team will analyze your scraping and data requirements for your business and provide you with sample data that matches your project scope.

03. Review and Approve

Now, take time, review the sample date provided, and check if it fulfills your requirements. If yes, approve them to proceed further.

04. Agree and Sign

Upon your approval on sample data and price, initiate the contract sign off – a formal approval to start the project.

05. Get the Extracted Data

Thanks for signing with us! We will extract all required data — on-going or one time – for your project and deliver it to you as per the contract.

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A technology company reduced data souring time from 4 weeks to 2 weeks

Data partner, Data solutions

Largest social media player saved about $0.5M with our data solutions

On-demand data, Data engineering

A leading German bank saved about 30% of their data acquisition costs

Data Partner, Data & automation solutions

Partner for end-to-end data management and automation services.

Data provider, Data engineering

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“Apiscrapy really turned things around for me! Dealing with supply chain challenges was a breeze as they crafted solutions that just made sense. The teamwork? Spot-on! It felt like pure brilliance in action. “


Director, Analytics

“Thank you for providing data engineers and taking care of end-to-end data management. We are happy to work together.”

Christian Anderson


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